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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Presque Isle & Old And New Presque Isle Lighthouse

                                        Monday 5/19/2014

After setting up at Campers Cove RV Park, we decide to site see that afternoon as the weather forecast was for rain the next 3 days. Our drive took us just 15 north of Alpena to Presque Isle. We took Hwy 23 north to East Grand Lake Road.
Joe spotted a boat access on East Grand Lake Rd to check out Grand Lake. Grand lake is a 5,660 acres lake, with a maximum depth of 21 feet. There are two townships close by. The water was very clear and it was a nice size lake.
A lot of the drive was wooded and wild in this area.

We found Burnham Landing Park along the way.
This was the first time we got a great view of Lake Huron with the beautiful colors of the Great Lakes.
Most of the time this spring, we have seen Lake Huron when it was cloudy and gloomy which effects the colors of the lake. It could also be that we are farther north where there is less pollution, but don't know for sure since we never had full sun days further south.
Across the way, we get a view of Old Presque Isle Lighthouse.
We drove a few miles up the road and found the gate to Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. Unfortunately the gate was closed so we parked outside the gate and walk in. This propeller is just outside the gate.

It was not a long walk, so not a big deal. We just wonder why they don't just leave the gate open. There were 4 other people besides us that walked in to see the lighthouse.

This light keeper greets us as we approached the light keepers quarters.
The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse is one of the oldest surviving lighthouses on the Great Lakes. It was built in 1840, but didn't last long due to weather and was deactivated in 1871. The lower 2/3's of the 38 foot lighthouse was built of  stone and the upper 1/3 of bricks.
I walked out on the rocky beach as Joe looks around on the grounds above.

As I was walking back I heard a very loud bong, and saw Mallery running as fast as she could away from Joe. Joe rang an old bell that came from the Lansing City Hall Tower that tips the scale at 3,425 lbs. Let me tell you, a bell that size, makes a very loud ring. This bronze bell is bigger than the Liberty Bell which weights 2,080 lbs.
The internet said the lighthouse was open mid May through mid October from 9-6. This day was May 19, and it still was not open. Everything has been closed on our entire trek this spring going north. I guess we just have been a head of the tourist season.
Two miles up the road is the New Presque Isle Lighthouse built to replace the old Presque Isle Lighthouse.

This light was built in 1870 and stands 113 feet tall.
A second " Keepers Dwelling" was built in 1905 because the lighthouse needed two light-keepers to run it. Now it is used as museum.
Lighthouse with first "Keepers Dwelling".
In 1990 the outer walls were given an additional course of brick. This gives the lighthouse a wider look and not as trim as it use to look like in old pictures.
A life saving boat on the property, and restrooms that were closed.
If you get a chance to climb to the top of the lighthouse, you will climb 138 steps.
The top has a nice decorative design.
We could see a road down to Lake Huron, so we drove down. There is a trail through the woods to it, but it was getting late, so we drove down, plus I was looking for a restroom in the woods.

As you can read, where the pavilion stands today, there once was a fog signal building that was built in 1890 to assist mariners in deep fog.
While I was taking pictures, Joe checked the outhouse and informed me it was unlocked  (every other outhouse that were located at closed lighthouses had been locked). He also told me I was in luck because it smell good. It was so clean I think I was the first person to use it. I guess there are some perks for being at tourist sites early!
As we headed back toward home, we stopped at the Presque Isle State Harbor.
Lots of boat slips for people that live in this area.

Again we were out of time, but if you do have time, you can walk out on a walkway ( blue in the picture) on the rock jetty to the harbor opening. There is also a cafe, grill and a store at the harbor.
 We continued south on Hwy 23, and made a stop to check out Long Lake. This lake is 5,652 acres with a maximum depth of 25 feet.
I saw this sign in a store on our way home. We have seen 3 of the 7 lighthouses in the area. Two of them are on islands, so we are unable to see them without a boat rides. Another one is further north on Hwy 23, that we decided not to drive to see it at this time. The last one we tried to see today, but it was too foggy to see it. Maybe tomorrow if we have the time. There are 149 lighthouses in Michigan, which makes Michigan having more lighthouses than in any state.
On the road that our campground is, I took a picture of Thunder Bay River and another photographer, while Joe drove.
View of another water area across the road to our park.

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