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Friday, August 21, 2009

Cheyenne, Wyoming


I slept good last night, but Joe said he heard the trains blowing their horn several times last night. We left our campground after going through a Western Museum that was located right next to our campground. It was free so Joe liked that. On our way to Cheyenne, we stopped at Fort Laramie. Fort Laramie was a place where immigrants stopped on their way to Oregon for rest and supplies. Indians also came here to make trade with the white men. As time went on the white men didn't keep their treaties with the Indians so it become more of a place that military were stationed to help keep peace and keep the immigrants safe on the Oregon trail.

Barracks for military men at Fort Laramie. Oldest standing building in the state of Wyoming.

Our next stop was south of Guernsey, Wyoming to see the Oregon Trail Ruts.

This is where the actual wagons left ruts in rock, so you can see and stand on the actual Oregon trail.

Oregon trail ruts. This historic site is also free.

Traveling down Hwy 25 to Cheyenne. Some buttes among the golden grasses and the lumpy rolling hills.

We saw these all along the highways of Wyoming. Does anyone know what they are for?

You can see them here also behind the billboard. They run like a fence, but are only so long then stop.

Great plain grasses for miles.

We drove 124 miles and found our parking spot at Cheyenne, Wy. Wal-Mart. It was hot in the 80's but it has cooled down since the sun went down. I didn't realize how dry Wyoming is. It is mostly a cattle state.

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