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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bear Country USA


Off to Bear Country USA, which is a drive through a wildlife park. We went through Custer State Park's wildlife loop the other day, but we had a neighbor who said they really enjoyed this park also. As we entered we were told to keep all windows, doors, moon roofs closed and we were entering at our on risk as well as our property (car). Once again it was in the afternoon as we as we entered the park.
Rocky Mt. Elk Reindeer- Santa's little helpers.

This one stood in front of our car.

Oh look there's Maggie May- My daughters husky - just kidding an Arctic Wolfe

Big Horn Sheep

Now we get to the fun area. Lots and lots of bears. Largest privately owned group of bears in USA.

I love the way they sit.

This one walked right up to us
Getting nervous he might climb on the car. Joe moved the car toward him and he moved aside. Praise the Lord.

This one was playing in the water.

More tatanka's

An otter.

Babyland bears- about 5 months old.





Grizzly Bear

"Joe, a bear is behind you, RUN" " What did you say"

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