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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Friday, August 7, 2009



Tomorrow we leave the Badlands Ranch & Resort. We stay here an extra day, just to make sure all our mail had arrived. Pretty cloud shot on the ranch. Last Badlands sunset. Good bye to the sounds of hooting of the morning doves and the naying of horses. 8/6/09

We took Hwy. 44 W to Rapid City, SD, which is south of the wall. Going through lower end of Badlands. Past Badlands and closer to Rapid City. Don't know why all the trees here are dead. Back to normal southwestern landscape of South Dakota. You see many horses, cattle and hay bales in this area. A rancher needs 20 acreas to raise one cow here. They can not grow corn here because the ground is so hilly and it's too arid here. Just a bit of trivia for youGot to Rapid City and parked the nest at Wal-Mart. We unhooked the car, then Joe , Mallery and I headed north on Hwy. 90. We had not planned on being here during the Sturgis Rally, and actually stayed in Hayward, WI a week longer to avoid the high prices, but realized we couldn't wait any longer. So we went ahead and made reservation in the Black Hills area, which cost us $140.00 more this week to stay. We couldn't avoid it, so for our extra $140.00, we decided to join it and be able to say, " been there and done it", but only in a car. We felt a little funny driving a car with all these bikers around us. But there were a few other cars. Mostly baby boomers. Not too wild, though, we were only there during the day. I did see one girl with I thought was a skin tight top. It turned out to be a painted on top in big black dots. Everyone else was pretty respectable. Joe saw some bikers with "Jesus Saves" on the back of their leather jackets also. I'll never see this many bikers in one place again. Mallery hated all the noise, and wanted to be held all the time. I like this pretty blue one. I like the three wheelers. They look safer to me. Hear goes 2 bikers with a dog standing on the gas tank. I like this white one too! It was a Honda. I like white Honda's. My last 2 cars have been white Honda's. When we got back to the car, Mallery went down on the floor to be in the shade and get away from the rumbles. She is panting from heat and fear. I would have left her in the RV, but because we are parked at Wal-Mart, it would have been too hot, with no electricity. RV get very hot inside even with windows open on hot days. Today was a hot one. When we got back to the Nest, we shopped at Wal-Mart, then headed down the road for our campground in the Black Hills.

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