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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Loveland, Colorado


Short blog and short drive today. We drove from Cheyenne, Wyoming at noon with temps of 95, and drove about 45 miles to LCheck Spellingoveland, Colorado's Wal-Mart. We must be having a heat wave. Not sure the temp, but very hot. No pics as I spent the drive time talking to Dell about my computer. I am suppose to get it in 3 days. Joe and I are sitting in a coffee house right now so I could blog and check emails and stay cool. Joe's reading a book on a couch. Just checked the temp., it's 93 with 26 humidity. It is 5PM. Hope it cools down tonight, Joe says we might have to run the generator so we can turn on the air for an hour or so. Cheyenne's elevation was 6000. Loveland's elevation is 5000. Tomorrow we go up much higher. Pray for us!

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