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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dream & Emerald Lakes


Today we are going to go back to Bear Lake and start a little earlier to see if we can hike up to Dream & Emerald Lake. Yesterday, we walked up to Nymph Lake, but didn't have time to continue on to the other two lakes.On the way up to Nymph Lake, I saw this blue bird. He would not sit still. He was very busy doing something. Getting ready for winter I suppose.I think this is a Steller's Jay. In a guide book, we got at the visitor center, there was a picture of a bird that looked like him. He would not let me have a front shot.At Nymph Lake this duck was very busy too. It took many shots to get a front view also. I had no problem getting this shot!
The trails in the park were very nice.We got above Nymph Lake. Can you see it down below?When you are driving to Bear Lake, you can see this V cut in the mountains from afar. It is very noticeable. I took a picture of it and posted it in my last blog. I would re post it, but it is in Joe's computer. I got my computer back today, and I am working on it. I just want you to remember this mountain for later reasons.

Dream Lake. Do you see the V?Far end of Dream Lake.

The wind picked up after we approached this Lake and had to put a second layer on.There goes that Joe. He is always trying to find a short cut. He's always ahead and waiting for me. He's the hare and I am the turtle!Can you see the girls face in the stone? ( I am starting to have an imagination like Dawn)Emerald Lake. Do you see the V?
We made it. An hour and 50 minutes to hike 1.8 miles with a 605 elevation gain and considered a moderate hike. I had to take many breaks.The Aspens are turning yellow. Winter is coming.

We get almost back to Nymph Lake and it starts to rain. Don't worry, we came prepared. We arrive back to the parking lot in 1 hour. Hope we are not sore tomorrow.

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  1. Hey nice hike..by the time we see u in arizona you will be well seasoned and we can hike for ten hours straight..LOL..ok not so long.
    Yes yes yes..i saw that face as soon as u mentioned it I looked and there it was!
    very cool face i might add.
    Glad u were prepared and had rain gear.
    see u