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Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the Road to Wyoming


My computer has been having issues since last winter, but I have not wanted to give it up for 10 - 14 days, so Dell could work on it. When we were in Two Rivers, WI. this spring, I finally decided to send it to Dell to be worked on. Dell sent me a box to Two Rivers and I was to send it back to them in that box and. When I called them on the phone to give the address to where to send it back to when it was fixed, as we never stay any where very long, they told me the computer had to be shipped back to where it was picked up at and where the box was sent. We were only staying in Two Rivers for another 4 days, so they said it wouldn't work, if I wanted it sent somewhere else. so we kept the computer til we would be somewhere for 2 weeks. We decided to stay in the Black Hills for the 2 weeks as there is much to do and see. I had Dell send a new box to the campground there. When we arrived the box was there and we packed up the computer and had FedEx pick it up the next day. I called Dell later and asked it they had fixed the computer. They said yes and said it was on its way back to us and would arrive by the 19th and they gave me a tracking number. On the 19th I checked the tracking number on Joe's computer and saw it was arriving in Two Rivers, WI. instead. Does this make any sense. To make a long story short, we spent all day yesterday trying to get Dell to overnight it to us ( Fed Ex said it could be done with Dells permission), but because it was going to take so many days just to get the message to the right person by email to get authorized, it still was going to take at least 3 to 4 day before it could be overnighted. They said it would be just as quick to send it to our next stop. Why couldn't Dell have the qualifed representative make a simple phone call to FedEx to have it shiped overnight, what a burecratic mess. I would never buy a product from Dell again!

We left Broken Arrow at Custer, South Dakota without my computer. It is suppose to arrive at a campground we are going to be at in 4 days. I hope they have it straight this time. We left a little late ( what else is new ) around 12:00 Pm.

This a shot Joe took a few days ago at Broken Arrow. The clouds almost look like mountains. But it is mountains and clouds on the mountains. Good bye Black Hills. We had a great time here and enjoyed the low humidity and no bugs, except for a fly or two. We stopped 30 minutes south of Custer in the town of Pringle ate at the Hitchingrail for lunch as suggested by a couple we met at broken arrow campground, had the special, chicken fried steak, with mash potatoes and gravy, corn and a roll. It was good old fashion cooking, great tasteing, but not very healthy. We ate 1/2 the meal and had it doggie box for lunch tomorrow.

Driving on Hwy 385 in the lower hills of the Black Hills. Roads were very curvy and steep at times for the big bus and car.

As we passed through Hot Springs, South Dakota, I spotted a health food store, so I had Joe pulled over so I could buy a few items.

Still in South Dakota, we dropped 800 feet in elevation quickly. What a view. You could see for miles. Southwest South Dakota South Dakota going west to Wyoming. Black Hills in background. Sagebrush in the fields.

Open endless views as we entered Wyoming.

First step on Wyoming soil at rest stop.

Golden fields and blue skies.

Still a few hills and mounds.

We drove 176 miles to Lingle, Wyoming. we arrive at 5:00 Pm with a nice breeze and temperatures of 75. We are staying at the Pony Soldier RV Park, for $17.50 with our passport membership. The park is pretty much empty but with a few RV's that have been here for a while. Railroad tracks are located across the Hwy, with trains sounding their horn every 1/2 hour. I hope we get some sleep tonight.

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  1. That makes me so mad about your computer..crazy! I hate it also when u cant understand the person on the phone!

    But anyway... we are in Montana..Livingston, where my sister her fam live.
    we go to yellowstone on the 31 and then to Wyoming and the Grand Tetons on the 8th.
    R u going that way?