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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Archeology Trail in Zion


We got a late start today. The weather has been staying in the 90's and going to be in the 100's. The temperature's have been higher than normal. We got caught and have been moving to slow. Because it is so hot and late in the day, so we decided to do a short trail. We had a hard time finding the trail head, but after stopping at the visitor center they headed us in the right direction. Here is the picture in the sign above. After awhile Joe and I couldn't find where the trail continued. I am wondering around trying to find the trail. Joe is wondering in another direction. We finally realize the trail has ended, and there was no more trail. There were many mini trails like other people had done the same thing. Looking around, trying to find the trail and making small mini trails in the mean while. We went back where there was a sign and found a small area where there were some rocks that were framing a foundation of where there had been an old settlement from years ago. We read the sign and found that the trail was only .4 miles round trip. It said the hike was short but steep, and an ascent of 80 feet. We headed back down and caught a shuttle to the Zion Human History Museum. We watched an orientation film, looked at a few exhibits and had a chance to cool off in the air conditioned building. We then took the shuttle to the Court of the Patriarchs stop. There was a very short but steep paved trail to a viewpoint to see the Court of the Patriarchs. I didn't take a picture because the sun was glaring on the mountains, so we took a picture of the picture that shows you the view. The names of the peaks are Abraham Peak, Isaac Peak, Jacob Peak, Mount Moroni, and The Sentinel. You will have to double click the picture if you really want to see which peak is which. Being that it is hot and getting close to Joe's curfew, we headed home.

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