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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Left Fork Trail in Kolob Canyon - Zion - Part I


Today we drove a scenic route into Kolob Canyon again. This drive comes in from the southern entrance off Hwy 9 and goes up to Kolob Canyon Reservoir.
Diane has been practicing on her close up shots. She took this picture back at the RV park. This spider was on the electrical box.
We start our drive into Kolob Canyon. The rock striations are very interesting.
This is a ranch with horses below. The road we are on drops of on both side for about 1/4 of a mile.Looking back from where we came, you can see the road that goes to the ranch below.

We soon arrive at the entrance to the park.
Dead trees, caused by a past fire cover this particular spot, but Diane discovers new life.
Of course, her favorite desert dweller made a brief appearance.
Diane can't resist getting up close.
Yucca plant flowers.
These are dandelion seeds. They just look so different than Iowa dandelion seeds.

We stop and check out a couple of trail heads, to see if we can find an interesting trail we can do for some exercise and see some interesting sights. We finally choose this one called the Left Fork Trail. I take the lead as we start out.
The views are pretty spectacular, as usual. It is another hot day, but we press on figuring we will walk about 30 minutes and the turn around and come back. We carry plenty of water.
The trail is not too difficult, but it is starting to get a little "on the edge" which is neither Diane or my style of trail.
You can see in this picture that the trail is pretty much on the "edge". We continued a little further until the trail took a dangerous looking turn down a steep drop which we thought looked too scary and difficult for us to traverse. So, we turned around and headed back.
Diane stops to take in this beautifully bloomed cactus.
She really likes to get inside the flower. See the little bugs crawling along the inside petal, and pollen it will soon carry to another flower.
This was a rocky part of the trail we had to cross, you can barely see the trail.

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