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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chilling at Bryce Canyon Pine Campground


We have Direct TV satellite, but not the network channels, like ABC, CBS or NBC. I have a show I like to watch on ABC weekly, and sometimes Joe can get it for me on our antenna, or if the campground has cable, I can watch my show. When we got to Bryce Canyon Pines Campground, Joe tried to see if he could get it for me with our antenna. No Luck. He came back after scouting around and told me that the Chevron Gas Station that our campground was located behind, had a back room with a pool table,a couple booths and a TV. He told me I should go up there early before my show starts and hopefully claim my channel. that is what I did, and I got to watch my show. When I told my daughter, Tiffany, that I was going up to the gas station to watch my show she cracked up. We our blessed to be full timers, but there are some sacrifices at times.
No one played pool while I was watching TV, thank goodness, because I would have had trouble hearing my show.
Pass the pool table, was the gas station, mini store, and register. It was kind of handy; on a commercial, I got myself a ice cream sandwich, though I was short a few cents, and had to call Joe, to bring me some change.


View from our Chevron station.
Close up view.
In front of the Chevron Station a really nice bike/walking path ran for miles. The last few days we were at this campground, we were just doing some catch up stuff, like bills, ordering medicine, cleaning, giving Mallery a hair cut, and etc. So we made it a point to go out and walk on this trail on the days we didn't go to Bryce Canyon.


The campground had chipmunks running around all over the park. Mallery would sit at the door for hours barking and going crazy, she wanted to go out and chase them away.
The chipmunks seemed to know she was no threat and tormented her, by just standing outside the door.
We had to tell her to stop barking, which caused her more frustration, not being able to tell him to go away.
Mallery waiting for the chipmunk.

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