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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Bye Vegas, Hello Utah


It's time to leave Las Vegas. It's starting to get too warm, and we have places to see. The $15 rate has been great and being walking distance to downtown has been fun. We leave tomorrow. I just wanted to show you how close we are to downtown and our night time view. We've had a good time. I gambled $6.00 of my money and lost it all. Good thing I don't like to gamble. Joe gambled a couple of nights while I stayed home and watched TV and worked on the computer. He broke even, because he too, is not a big risk taker either.This was a messed up picture, but I like it. A photo art shot! Most of our drive today was in Nevada heading northeast on Hwy. 15. We are in Arizona now for about 25 miles.Joe and I can't figure out how we are going to get over that mountain ahead. The road looks like it goes straight into the mountain. OK, we see a cut in the mountain now! As we enter, I see a sign that says, " Virgin River Gorge". Sometimes Joe researches the roads ahead, but he didn't for this road trip. He said sometimes it's better not to know what is coming, so he can sleep the night before. Wow this is a ride. I'm sure Joe is having fun. Never know what is ahead for the day. There is the Virgin River below. I did some research before I wrote this and found this river dumps into Lake Mead. The drive through the gorge seemed to be around 11 miles or so. It was a beautiful drive through the gorge. Enjoy the scenery.
We finally get into more flat land again. Utah, here we are! We enter into the city of St. George, Utah. The next town is Hurricane, Utah. We find Wal-Mart in Hurricane, Utah, and call it a day.


In the morning we shop at Wal-Mart, and then head to our new neighborhood. Our GPS doesn't take our new address, so Joe asked someone in Wal-Mart how to find Old Highway 91, which is where our RV park is suppose to be located. We find Old Hwy. 91, but it turns into gravel. The gravel is wash board and we have to drive slow. I had to keep telling Joe to go slower because it sounds like everything was crashing in the cupboards. I asked Joe, what speed he is going. He tells me zero. We drive zero to the park. There were two stretches of the gravel road. We hope there is a better way out when we leave. We arrive at our new park. We will be staying here for 5 free days. When we were in Desert Hot Springs, CA., we visited a Western Horizon Resort. Because we listened to a sales pitch for Western Horizon Resorts, we have 5 free nights at 4 Western Horizon Resorts to be use up in 18 months from the time of the sales presentation.

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