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Monday, May 31, 2010

Hoover Dam


We are off to see the famous Hoover Dam. It is named one of the top ten construction achievements of the 20Th century.
The road we will be taking is through those mountains ahead.
Las Vegas sits in a valley surrounded by mountains.
This is the same road we came back into Vegas, on the day before, on our Moapa Valley Drive.
We make a quick stop at an overlook spot to see a view of Lake Mead. We really can see how low the lake is here from this spot. You can't, but trust me it was low!
We continue down toward the lake.
As we exit Lake Mead Recreational Area we notice police cars and flashing lights.
It's hard to see, but these are two jets ski's on a trailer that have been in a fire. The trailer and jet ski's are put on a trailer to be towed away. Looks like a bad day for someone.
The last 11 miles to Hoover Dam the traffic gets heavy, and we slowed to about 10 miles an hour.

As we get close to the dam we see a new bridge being erected to help the traffic jams.
As we pull into the dam parking lot we see a statue of a dam construction worker. There are up to 3000 people who visit Hoover Dam daily, and it is one of the most popular excursions from Las Vegas.
On our tour of the dam, we go down inside to see the turbines that produce electricity for the surrounding towns. The dam was built during the Depression in the 20's to help the economy and to produce some work for the unemployed.
Our tour group. Their backs are to where the dam is on the other side of the wall.
This is a map of the dam and how the river enters the cofferdam and then is diverted through the power plant and then exits the dam.
Statistics of the dam.
This is a model of the dam showing how it was built with blocks of cement up and up.
A view of the dam from the observation deck. I can not get a picture of it from top to bottom. Presently car drive over the dam to enter into Arizona.
View of the river exiting the dam. When the bridge is open, you will cross over the Colorado River on that bridge and not across the Hoover Dam anymore.
View of the road going across the dam. This road is bumper to bumper all day long. There are security checkpoints by homeland security personal at each end of the dam. They pull over anyone looking suspicious. The new bridge is for several reason, security,traffic flow and the heavy weight of big trucks is putting too much heavy load on the dam.
This is a view of Lake Mead behind the dam.
Another view of the road crossing the dam and the collection towers on the Lake Mead side of the dam. One tower is in Nevada and is a different time zone than the other side, which is Arizona.
There is a clock on each tower showing the different times.
There are two large art deco angels on the dam. Couldn't resist the picture taking opportunity.
We take a different route home to our nest in Las Vegas. This is a view of Las Vegas as we approached.
Diane liked the wall decorations along the interstate as we come into town.

We are home! This is the entrance to our RV park. No gates.
Our spot is the last one at the end of the row on your right. You can just see the rear 1/4 of our nest.

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