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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Las Vegas Day 1


Another RVer told Joe about the park we are staying at in Vegas. The park is named the "Main Street Station RV Park". It is located just 3 blocks from the downtown of Las Vegas. The park is just a large parking lot turned into a RV park. The park does have laundry facility and bathrooms and showers. The rate is great at $14.00 a night, but we have to pay $ 15.00 a night, as there is a $1.00 a night fee for pets. We have come across similar pet fees in the past, seems unfair for such a small dog who we religiously pick up after. We do have full hook ups, which we are so glad to have as the weather is going to get steamy in a few days. No cable TV, but that's ok with us having our dish. It only took 40 minutes for Joe to get it dialed in this time.
We are located right next to the interstate, but with the air the noise isn't too bad.


The next day we spent a couple of hours just walking part of the strip, as Joe showed me around. He is the tour guide since he was here not too long ago.
This is a mall in the Venetian Hotel.
I walk right past this statue; Joe pulls me back to tell me it is a mime. We watch for a while, but he/she never moved.
If you want to pay $16.00 you can ride in an Italian gondola in the mall.

Farther up the strip, I see this hugh coke bottle,
and leaning buildings.
The minute we first walked into one of the hotels, I got smells of perfumes, smoke, foods, noise of slot machines, and flashing lights. I told Joe I was having sensory overload.
Then when we went outside, I told him again with all the flashing lighted billboards, cars, people I was having more sensory overload. It really is an overload to your senses, and takes time to adjust to it all.
Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.
Then Joe took me to the Bellagio to see the 2000 hand blown flowers that are on the lobby ceiling made by a famous artist named Dale Chihuly.The flowers cover 2000 sq feet.
Then Joe shows me the Bellagio's Conservatory and Botanical Gardens
A leaf fountain.

This snail is made up of many flowers.
A ant amongst flowers.
The ant going underground.
Then we go outside for the Bellagio fountain show.
Very cool!
After the fountain show, I see this guy with this snake. For a dollar I could have a picture with it wrapped around my neck. I watch a girl do it. Not me, my biggest fear is of snakes! Just ask Joe, he'll tell you about how I act with snakes.
A sea horse at one of the Ceasars Palace's aquarium. this was a really hard picture to get. The flash kept whiting everthing out. There was one sea horse who was hugging another sea horse with it's tail. It was so cute, but they were at the back of the tank and the flash kept whiting them out. This sea horse was up closer.
After dinner at the nest, we walked down town and I had Carl Ferris play his horn for me. He was really good. So good I bought a CD. He plays regularly downtown as he has a contract to play and sell his CD there.
Then we enjoyed the downtown light show. I captured you some so you can enjoy. Sorry you can not hear the music with it.

Joe and everyone is enjoying the light show. It is played I think every 30 minutes.
This is the part I liked the most. The song Hero's is played as our service men and women's pictures are flashed above.

After the light show, everyone moves on.
There also was the hula hoop guy.
And a free rock concert going on. Who was playing? We never found that out, as we continued to check everything out.
Then we saw Elvis and Micheal.
They scared us so much we went back to the rock concert.
Me standing amongst the crowd and the Fremont Casino.
We walk farther down the street to Fremont East.
Then we looked back at the light show playing again down town.
Joe points out the lighted horse rider.
Then we go back to a casino as Joe wants to gamble for a while. I lost $5 in the slots eariler, so I just watch Joe.
Joe doesn't play long as he breaks even and wants to leave while he is back to even. The Golden Nugget is down town, and is the nicest casino down here.
Another light show starts again.

I hope you enjoyed the show. I know it is not the same without the music!

As we head for home Joe spots The Partridge Family's bus. Joe says he likes our bus better. Boy are my feet tired. It has been a long day, and we definitly got our exercise today!


  1. Hope you're having fun in Vegas. We stayed at Main Street Station Hotel the last time we were there in 2007. Take a peek at all the rides on the top of the Stratosphere. Ryan, Jody, Selina, me, and my mom rode everything last time, but now they are jumping off! Too crazy for me.
    Have fun!

  2. Tiffany, Can't believe you guys did the ride on top of the stratosphere. Joe and I said, you'd got to be crazy to do them. It's all too crazy for us!