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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Desert Palms


After our 4 free nights stay at Desert Pools, Joe found a nice and cheap place to stay called Desert Palms. We were driving down a rode to see another park and Joe saw a sign on the side of the road next to a park that said. "RV spaces for rent". After checking out the original park we were heading for, Joe drove back and checked out Desert Palms. After looking it over we decided to come and stay at Desert Palms for a while. Joe is always happy when we get a bargain price. The front gate says Desert Palms. After you enter the gate you see the pool ahead. Very nice pool area. Off to the right of the front gate there are two paths amongst a wonderful flower garden. One path leads to our new backyard.It's a gravel parking lot behind the mobile home park. It is used to store RVs, they have poured 4 cement pads with full hook ups at the back of the parking lot. That's us back there with the mountains behind us. The other path leads to the spa pool.There is Joe going into the door gate.Hi Joe and Mallery! The spa pool has the hot mineral water from underneath the Desert Hot Springs area around here. We have had a lot of very strong winds the last couple of days, so the spa is full of rose pedals. As we continue the tour, we turn around from the gate at the spa and turn back to look past the front gate and can see some of the mobile homes in the park. It's a nice park, with about 1/3 snowbird owners and 2/3 permanent owners. There are quite a few bank repo's signs on many of the homes. After walking around the block of a few of the homes, we come back to the pool area. I have to find out what kind of tree that is in front of the pool. It is so cool. It has these beautiful purple blooms on it. Not far from our backyard there is this little pond. Across the pond where that truck is, there is another RV spot. But it cost extra to have that oasis spot. Here is another shot of the oasis spot but from across on the other side of the pond. We have several ducks who live in the pond in our neighborhood. This is a picture of a really neat cloud that formed above our park. That night I saw the same picture of the pink cloud formation on the local TV news. Some people thought it was a tornado funnel forming, the news stated. We hope all of you are enjoying spring as we are just chilling at the Desert Palms in Desert Hot Springs, CA. for $10 a night plus electricity. Our weather has been mild, except for the last few days, when it has gotten rather warm so we might have to get moving again soon to find the sweet temperature spot again! Good night everyone.

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