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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time to Move On


As we drive to our park in Desert Hot Springs, I wanted to point out that we have been sitting in this park less than a half a mile from the San Andreas Fault. This also reminded me of the earthquake Joe and I felt while we were at Lake Elsinore a few weeks ago. I am sure you all heard about the 7.2 earthquake that hit Baja California the first of April. I forgot to mention it in my previous blogs. When it hit, I was in the bedroom putting on my makeup and Joe was up front watching TV. The Nest was rocking back and forth like King Kong had a hold of us from behind the RV and was rocking it back and forth. I thought for a second that Joe was in the front of the RV and jumping up and down or running back and forth, causing the rocking motion. I yelled to him, " Joe, What are you doing up there?". He yelled back at me, while coming back to me, " I'm not doing anything, what are you doing?" We looked at each other, and both said to each other, " What is that?" Then Joe said I think it is a earthquake. He walked to the door and as he opened the RV door he could see the door moving up and down from the ground. I turned on the TV, and with in 5 minutes it was all over the news! It was the first earthquake Joe had ever felt. I had felt a much smaller one in Ottumwa, IA. years ago. Joe said, "well we can say we have been through a California earthquake now.
Our park entrance is where the flags are and the San Andreas Fault runs through the area just behind our park. In fact, the fault runs below the downtown are of Desert Hot Springs, CA. We were doing some laundry today, while waiting for it to finish, I was on the computer, and Joe asked me why Mallery was in the laundry basket. I looked up and there she stood. All we could figure out was that she had jumped down from the coach (as her bed was just above where the basket was) and landed in the basket. She evidently didn't know how to get out. So of coarse, I had to take a picture, before I got her out! We have stayed in Desert Hot Springs for longer than we planned as we found a nice cheap place to hang out for a while. When we find a nice place to stay at a great price, we need to take advantage of the situation to get our budget back on track. Summer is around the corner, and that means park prices will be going up again, which puts a strain on the budget!


It is hot today, so we don't leave until after lunch for our next road trip. We take Hwy. 10 back to San Bernadino, and then take Hwy. 15 North.
We pass the highway we took a few days ago to start the "Rim Of The World" drive on Hwy 138, seen in the picture above. The traffic is pretty heavy as it is 5:00 PM, and San Bernadino workers are just getting off of work. After climbing to the top of the Cajon Summit pass at 4259 feet, we descend to lower land once again. The landscape changes a bit as we continue on Hwy. 15 North. I look back at the San Bernardino Mountains. Our next stop for the night is down the hill to the right at truck stops/shopping outlet/ food courts, which is five minutes outside of Barstow, CA. We have 3 truck stops to pick from. Joe wants to eat at McDonalds, but I see a Chipotle and offer to pay for our dinner. I chose the Flying J truck stop, as it is walking distant from Chipotle. We fill up the gas tank, and pulled over for the night. By the time we get set up, the temps have dropped and it is cool enough with the windows open. We walked over to Chipotle and get dinner. This is the first time for us at Chipotle, and we definitely recommend it. Good Night.


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