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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palm Springs, CA.


We are only about 10 to 15 minutes from Palm Springs. We drove to Palm Springs one day to just sight see, but my daughter called when we just started driving around the town, so I was very distracted and didn't really see anything. I asked Joe if we could go back and walk around the down town. My stomach has still been feeling kind of icky, but I am tired of staying home.
As we drive into the city limits, I see they are working on either putting in a new sign or just fixing up the old sign and landscape. As we approach the down town of Palm Springs we see Mt. San Jacinto, which I believe is part of the Santa Rosa mountains. Down town we see a few blocks of stars. It is a pretty down town but it seem the economy has touched Palm Springs also, as many buildings are empty. The main down town street is lined with palms of course. Many open air restaurants line the down town. All these places to eat were making me hungry. Joe said he was not impressed with Palm Springs. He never is when it comes to shopping or spending money. Across the street under the umbrella is a fancy hot dog place. I found one shop that everything was $15 or less, which was hard to believe as everything seem very chic. This was a restaurant on the left. Not sure what the one building is in front of us as I couldn't read the sign above while talking to my daughter who had called while we were walking around. But there seems to be red carpets, so maybe this is where stars walk on. Joe is bored so I don't think he even saw it. That's not true, this is Joe speaking now, the building at the end of the Red carpet is a playhouse theater were the Follies are currently playing twice a day. Joe, always proof reads my blogs and vise versa, so I guess he wasn't bored!Bob Hope Phyllis Diller

We both think Palms Springs is not what it used to be. Rancho Mirage which is 2 suburbs away seems to be more of the high class and where the rich and famous live.
Back at home we see we got a new neighbor, so we don't have as much privacy.And the new neighbors are blocking Hr. Cravite's from seeing what our other neighbor, Mr. Mad Scientist is up to. The last time we saw his wind turbines, they were two times higher with a couple more fans on it.

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