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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rim Of The World Senic Highway Part II


This is the rest of our Rim Of The World Scenic Drive.
As you can see we are still at the high altitudes. We reach 8443 before we start our descend.

Diane can't get enough of the snow peaked mountains.
We come into the town of Bear Lake. This is the 3rd lake we have seen in this high mountain area. A flag being flown at a construction site at the dam.
View of the lake through the tree tops.
There was a small park next to the lake that Diane spotted to take some pictures of the lake, she said the light was just right and hoped to get some pictures capturing the moment.

Don't see many lakes with snow capped mountains in the background.
As we leave Bear Lake and head back into the mountains.
Along this stretch of the road I see a coyote standing just a few yards off the road in the woods. Diane tells me to stop the car and slowly back up so she can take the coyote's picture.
To our surprise, he or she hasn't run off but is on the move parallel to the road.
At this point the coyote decides to try and cross the road in front of us.
He sees us coming and moves back to the side of the road and unbelievably takes this pose for Diane.
We continue on down the mountain.
Diane sees this plant ready to bloom and wants to take a picture.

One in full bloom.
We finally see the river bed below as we descend to the valley.
Diane can't resist one last picture of our wind turbines on our return to the nest in Desert Hot Springs after a long day on our scenic highway trip of the Rim Of The World. The day was a seven hour drive.

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