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Monday, May 24, 2010

Las Vegas Continues


The other day while we were at the Luxor, a person asked us if we would like free tickets to a show. Did someone say FREE? Do you know a LaFontaine that doesn't like FREE? To make a long story short, if we were willing to attend a timeshare presentation, we would get in return, $125.00 in food, gambling, or spa certificates and 2 shows worth $180.00 for $80.00. Joe didn't want to do it. What? You are a LaFontaine! Well I'm a LaFontaine, so I stepped up and said we would do it! I picked out the shows I wanted to see and paid $80.00. The next day Joe and I had to be at the timeshare condo's at 2:00PM. We were to get a free lunch, and found when we got there it was deli sandwiches, a drink, and a cookie. (We should have known! We were hoping for something really nice.) We didn't get out of there until 5:30. I think they wore us down, because we walked out owning a timeshare. What!!! They kept lower the price and throwing in free weeks, to the point we thought we were getting a great deal. You have to be careful going to those presentations for FREEBIES! It's OK, the next day we came to our senses, and cancelled our contract as you have 5 days to cancel your contract.


The next day after we sent our certified letter to cancel the timeshare contract at the post office, we went for lunch at a buffet at the Luxor with one of our $25 dinner certificates. That evening we went to a show that was recommended by the person that signed us up for the time share presentation. It was OK but not worth the $60 per person price ticket. Glad I got half price for the shows. 5/20/2010

Today we went back to the Luxor to go to Bodies The Exhibition. Before the person had approached us about the timeshare, the other day, I had just gone up to find out how much the Bodies Exhibit cost. So this was my first choice. I had been told by a few people who had gone to it, that it was really interesting. Joe was bored at first, but started to find it more interesting as the time went on. It took us three hour to view the exhibit. I found it very interesting! Unfortunately no picture taking was allowed.


I gave Joe $50 of our free gambling certificate and I took $25 in free slot machines plays. Joe played the craps tables as I played 1 cent slots ( I know I'm such a big risk taker). In the end Joe ended with $60 in real money and I ended up with $ 24.14 in real money. I took the money to pay myself back for the $80.00 shows. How's that for freebies and some entertainment to boot. Then we went to T & T at the Luxor for diner with my other $25 meal certificate. Our seats at T & T looked down into the Luxor lobby from up above. After dinner we walked the lower end of the strip where we had not walked yet. This is a kind of blurred picture of the Wynn hotel from across the street. The Palazzo Las Vegas In front of the Fashion Show (a shopping mall), more sensory overload with the multi flashing advertising screen. We cross the street and enter the 5 star Wynn casino/hotel. This is the lobby area. Wow. We stand and look down to the entrance of a fancy restaurant. It looks like the restaurant sits next to one of the pools or ponds, as we can see the tables are next to a large glass with water. Large lanterns above the stairways to the restaurant below. Then we walk through the Wynn Mall. The whole time we were in the Wynn and in the mall I felt like we were in France or at some international fancy pants couture rich and famous place. Everyone was dressed like billionaire and I felt I was in a different world. Everyone looked like they were right out of a magazine ad. After we left the Wynn and entered the Palazzo, We step back into our normal world! We are looking down from the Palazzo mall down into the Palazzo lobby. We have been hearing all kinds of different languages since we have been in Las Vegas. If we continue into the mall we would enter into the Venetian Mall where the gondola rides are. But instead we go down the stairs to the Palazzo Lobby, and look up. Then we walk over in front of the fountain/pool where people are sitting and look across to the large fountain where people are posing for pictures. We walk into part out the Venetian and then out to the street again. This is a view of the rest of the venetian on the outside. Pardon the blur picture. My camera does not seem to do well with the night and lights. I guess we will head home now. Goodnight.

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  1. We loved the Bodies exhibit! I guess Ryan and Joe are a little alike, it took him awhile to get interested, but I loved it. You've got to go see a Cirque Du Soleil show while you're in Vegas. I know they're pricey, but so worth it. We saw Mystere at Treasure Island - fun! and also, Zumanity at NYNY (we got free tix from a timeshare presentation ;)). It's a bit risque', but they are both so magical. I have heard awesome reviews about the Beatles production, LOVE, and friends have said that you cannot ask for more than 'O' at Bellagio.
    Ryan says that if you're going to splurge on a meal, go to WYNN for Sunday brunch buffet - unbelievable. He's still raving about it two years later.

    Have fun!