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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trip to Newport Beach and Dr. Visits


These are a few pictures on the day we drove back to Newport Beach, that I forgot to post and want to put them in my blog so I can erase them from my computer picture file.( every once in a while when I do my blogs I have a problem with Html coding appear as you will see in this blog. I can not figure out this time how to straighten it out. I usually delete a lot of it, and redo it. The problem is, I have deleted my pictures from my computer picture file( big mistake) before this blog was completely finished. I am going to post this blog as is, so my blog teacher can see it, and maybe she can tell me what I do to get this to happen. Please bare with it, until I can get some answers to this issue.

After talking to my blog teacher, I must have click over into the Html edit , so you will have to click on the Html to see the picture. It really is not that important, just something I wanted to document for myself.

The Morongo Casino is about 15 minutes away from us on Hwy. 10 on the way to Newport. We have yet to stop there, and probably won't, as we have been busy just chillin. They have nice landscaping outside the casino. According to one of our permant neigbors, their are about 4 t0 5 casino in a 20 minute radius from our park. So if you like to gamble, I guess this is the place. A house on a hill outside of Newport Beach The view of the house from the highway.

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This is the place that I went for bloodwork and x-rays my Rheumatogist ordered at Newport Imaging Center.

I got a call from Dr. Austins office two days ago and the Western Blot test was negative. Why the first test came back posative, I do not know. My sister Nancy thinks I have an old infection of Lyme as all my fibromyalgia symptoms mimic lymes. Nancy has done a lot of research on it because she has got it two times now and is being treated for it again. I will have to admit that before I got Fibromyalgia, Joe and I were always out in our back yard working and we had many deer in our area. The one test that came back positive was for an old infection. I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for about 4 to 5 years now. My sister says that after you have lyme for a while the bacteria knows how to hide in your body so test don't show the infection. Before We started our full timing in October 2008 I had a Lyme test because my sister thought I should have one, and I also had read many people who have fibromyalgia really have lyme disease. When I went to a rheumatologist, it was because I was seemimg to have more problems with my hip, wrist, and a few fingers. I did get a call from Linn County Health Dept. the other day because I guess if you get a positive test your state is to be notified. The women I talked to said there are many cases of lyme out there that are not being diagnosis because most Dr. are not educated about it enough. My sister thinks I should see a lyme literite Dr., because she still thinks I need to be treated, because of my systems, no matter the blood test results

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The building that Dr. Mitchel Austin , the rheumatologist's office was in next to the Newport Imaging Center Building.

Another Dr. office I went to in this building too.

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