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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Coachella Valley Preserve


Today we decided to go to the Coachella Valley Preserve. It was in the mid 70's and windy. We had shorts on but after walking Mallery before we left, we decided to change into pants.

We checked in at the visitor center and then decided to walk on one of the trails.
1.7 mile/ easy trail

The beginning of the path starts into the Thousand Palms Oasis ahead.

Part of one of those palms that fell and died.

These palms are hugh!

Diane standing down the trail among the tall palms that grow in this Oasis. Not what you would expect to see in the desert. It definitely would look like paradise if you had stumbled upon this place, coming out of the desert.

As we continued down the trail we came to the wetland part of the Oasis, these tall grasses grow thick here. The boardwalk was built because you would be walking through an inch of water in this spot.

We come out of the marsh area and go uphill to the desert again.
The grasses start to thin out as we continue up this slight incline. The temp starts to increase and we wish we had our shorts on again.
We turn around to see Thousand Palms Oasis that we left behind.
Do you see that?
Or how about that?
We discover we aren't the only ones on this trail!!
This is some special web-toed lizard.He is basically white aside from his striped tail, helping him blend in with his surroundings.

We probably would not have seen these guys, but some other hikers told us to look for the lizards that are the color of the sand. You see them when they move or are really looking for them.

People before us have obviously stacked up some of these stones to show they have been here.
I look back to see if Diane is falling behind. She still has been having problems with her stomach.
She has stopped to look at this unique piece of wood. She would like to take it as a souvenir but I remind her that the signs at the visitor center said "bring nothing in and take nothing out".
We finally reach McCallum Pond. Seems so strange to find this pond out in the middle of the desert, surrounded by palm trees. It is pretty clean and clear looking.

Not very deep, about 1-2 foot.
There are lots of little minnow size fish.
See them swimming among the dead palm fromms in this shallow spot along the shore of the pond.The water looks so inviting, too bad we didn't bring our swim suits.
oops, guess there is no swimming.
Can you see the reddish crawfish here along the bank.
I go in for a closer look as it slips away.
On our way back to the visitor center we see more lizards.

Diane gets a really good picture, I almost expected him to put his claw out for a tip. What a brave little guy.
Its getting hotter and we will be glad to get back to the shade of the palms.
Back to the Oasis. Thousand Palms Oasis is one of the largest grooves of Desert Fan Palms in the state. The oasis is sustained primarily by water made avaiable by faults and fracturing of underling bedrock material.
Diane poses for the camera.
Here is our lizard guy.

Nice place for a picnic. The folks at the visitor center said they have seen bobcats laying on these picnic tables in the early morning or late in the evening.
We head back up the road for home. The preserve was in a valley, no wonder it was warmer than at home!
Our snow capped mountain way off in the distance.
And the Gorgonio Pass.

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  1. Nice post! Thanks for the walk..and the critters.
    Hope Diane feels better soon.