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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Las Vegas Day 2


Today we drive back to the Strip to pick up where we left off yesterday in our site seeing. We will have to make a shorter day as Diane is feeling it in her hip and knee joints, and my feet are a bit sore.This is one of the newer casino's perhaps 8 years old. Mandalay Bay.
This is the street entrance to the casino/hotel.
Next door is the Luxor Casino and Hotel. This place is modeled after an Egyptian theme.
There is a new tram that runs to many of the new casino's that you can ride for free. It runs on the track right in front of this casino.

Standing at the street entrance to the Luxor, looking back at the Mandalay Hotel.
Me checking out the statues out front of the Luxor.
Giant Sphinx in front of the hotel.
As we enter the hotel you see a corvette being given away in a free drawing. We both sign up, who knows?We continue down the strip to the New York, New York Hotel/Casino complex complete with a roller coaster that circles it.
There I am at the entrance to New York, New York Casino/Hotel.
Another view of entrance.
Here we are, a couple wanted us to take their picture at this location and then offered to take our picture.
Diane was tempted by the M&M"s store. She loves M&M's

Check out this "Dark Angel?" who Diane snapped as we continued on down the sidewalk. Guess even angels need to check for messages on cell phones. At lot of different people!
Looking at the New York, New York complex from across the street.
Diane snapped this picture as we walked across the strip on a overhead crossing.
This casino/hotel is next door to the Luxor.
Looks like a Disneyland castle. It seemed to have a kids feel to us inside. Neither of us cared for it.


  1. Isnt Vegas Crazy? you never know what you might see..

  2. What an interesting blog. I really enjoyed reading your posts. God bless, Lloyd