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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Picks of Must See's in Yellowstone Nationa Park


We have been driving across Hwy.2 from Montana, and arrived at the Wal-Mart in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Tomorrow, we will be going to Bemidji, Minnesota for a couple of days. We have been staying up north to stay cool while staying at Wal-Mart. Here is my last blog at Yellowstone.


We stayed in Yellowstone for a total of 16 days. We saw a lot, but there were still things we didn't see, and things we still wanted to do. Joe was right, when he said you could spend a month in Yellowstone and not run out of things to do. If we only had a week or less, this is what we would recommend you see and do.

1) Midway Geyser Basin, Old Faithful, and West Thumb Geyser Basin
2) Mammoth Hot Springs
3) Boiling River
4) Hayden Valley
5) Artist Point
6)Lake Butte Overlook

We entered in the South Entrance and left out the North Entrance. While in the park, we drove the Honda for day trips to the East Entrance and the Northeast Entrance. We never made it to the West Entrance, so that will probably be a new way to come or go, the next time we are out west. On our last night at Mammoth Hot Springs Campground, I took a few more pictures of our awesome views. Looking northeast from Nelly Nest's door. The sun is shinning. Looking northwest, a storm is brewing. Getting darker to the west. A wild flower out in our front yard. The storm vs the sun.I started putting things outside away. The storm vs sun. Which won out? The sun was winning out the storm! We stayed at Mammoth Hot Springs for 6 days. We enjoyed the views, but wish they had full hookups. They did not have a dump station or a shower house available. The only way we could stay as long as we did, was by Joe carrying out 3 buckets of water a day to the camp bath house to dump our dish and bathroom sink water. The camp bathroom was about 1 block away from Nelly Nest. Joe never saw anyone else carry water to the bathroom, so wondered if other people were dumping water out their doors, and not following the rules. Or maybe they just didn't stay as long, or have bigger gray tanks than us. Camp rules were generators off at 8 PM. With no hook ups, the only way we could watch TV was with our generator on. Joe hated that rule. I had some so so internet that entertained me. Joe ended up going to the rangers talk programs at 9PM every night to be entertained. Then he would come home and tell me what he had learned. All in all, we enjoyed our stay at Mammoth Hot Springs Campground and would recommend it to others.

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