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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Northeast Yellowstone


We are now in Glacier National Park, in Northwest Montana. But I will continue to keep my blog in order, with our last few adventures in Yellowstone.
This is the Postal Office in the Mammoth Hot Springs Village.
Joe coming out of the post office after getting our mail, that is sent to us to general delivery, from Joe's Mom.
As we headed to go toward the Northeast entrance of Yellowstone I look back at the terraces.
We cross the Gardiner River.
And stop to see the Undine Falls.
Then we drove the Blacktail Plateau Drive.
It was a 7 mile drive on a dirt road.
Lots of wild flower meadows.
Mountain range views on the plateau.
We did see two badgers in a flower meadow.

More wild flower meadows.

Forest fire hills.

Then we drove to the petrified tree, and ran into some people from Lisbon, Ia, neighbor to Cedar Rapids, Ia where Joe and I are from.
After stopping and checking out the Roosevelt Lodge, we drove into Slough Creek Campground. You can not be big like us to camp in this campground. Mostly for tent camping.
On the way out, we saw a lot of people stand on a hill looking out with scopes and binoculars. Of course we had to see what all the fuss was about. A alpha wolf killed a elk and it's baby calf this morning, and the carcass was still down in the creek. Everyone was looking for the pack to come back and to finish off the kill. We are in Lamar Valley now and this is where wolves have been reintroduce to Yellowstone. If you are interested in seeing wolves, this is the best park of the park to see them.
We continue the drive through Lamar Valley.
It is a very beautiful drive.

We stop for a short stop at the pull out at Buffalo Ranch.
There is now about 2000 buffalo in Yellowstone. At one time due to poachers there were only 40 left in Yellowstone. There were herds of buffalo, but i forgot to take a picture.
There were many fly fisherman along the stream.
Enjoy the drive.
Soda Butte
We left Yellowstone National Park and enter into the area where there was a recent attack on campers in tents at night, with one man killed by a grizzly bear. After driving thorough the town of Silver Gate, we turn around and head back.
We entered back into Yellowstone through the Northeast Entrance.

This spot was gorgeous.

As you can tell I could not get enough of this area.

Another bear spotting.
Mallery usaually sits on my lap with her being belted to my seat belt. She managed to get into her dads lap, after a pull over stop. "Look mom I am in dad's lap!"
I let her stay, against my better judgement.
" I'm a big girl, because I get to sit in dad's lap,I am so happy,
and relaxed"
" I could fall asleep, but I am still smiling!"
As we get closer to home, you can see the Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces way off in the distants.
The terraces even closer.
We go past the post office, and the elks are enjoying the center parking area.
I think mama and baby. Do mama elk have antlers?
These girls are so smart. They hang out in town all the time. They know they are safe from the wolves, while hanging out around all the people.
I had Joe stop, so I could zoom in on them.
As I head back to the car, a younger one walks past our car and toward me.
I stand still
As it walks by me. I hear, " Maam, step back, you are to close." I got my first warning from a ranger.

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