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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beehive Geyser


Today Joe and I drove 303 miles from the Wal-Mart in Havre, Montana to the Wal-Mart in Williston, North Dakota, on Hwy.2. We are headed home to Iowa to see our mom's and to see some Dr.'s for yearly appointments. While in Glacier National Park we had stayed in two different campgrounds. The first campground I had so so internet service. At the second campground I had none. Hence, I haven't blogged lately, putting me further behind in our travel blog. I still have 2 blogs of Yellowstone, then I will move on.

After our visit at our favorite hot spring area at the Midway Geyser Basin, we drove down to Old Faithful, because there were still many boardwalks we still had not walked on to see more springs, mud pots and geysers. Before we got started, I told Joe I was going to run into the lodge and get a cup of huckleberry ice cream. I told Joe to go ahead, and I would catch up with him. When I finally caught up with him, I found him standing across the stream from Beehive Geyser. He told me that he had heard that this geyser was going to go off soon, and it was thought that it would be very impressive, as it was showing strong readings. You can see the people across the stream who are waiting for the geyser. We could see a couple of kids who had put on their rain coats. I gave Joe the camera, as I was enjoying my huckleberry ice cream, and then my daughter, Alisha called, so I had no more hands to take pictures. It was starting to go off, so I talked to my daughter, ate my ice cream, and watch the geyser. Oh big stuff! OK, fast forward to the next pictures. OK, so it's like Old Faithful. Joe had to show you it was getting up to the clouds. It didn't fit in the whole picture, I guess. Wow, look at the Beehive Geyser go! And it is lasting a long time. Oh my gosh, it was spraying across the stream, and getting into my huckleberry ice cream. I ran back away from the geyser telling my daughter how the geyser showered in my ice cream. I thought I was far enough away, but soon I was getting showered again, so I had to run farther back, as Joe stayed up front with the camera across the stream from Beehive Geyser. It was an amazing geyser, much better than old faithful, but my ice cream had all that nasty smelling egg sulfur smell in it. My daughter said, " you're not going to eat it now are you?" I said, "Yes, I paid $2.50 for it." It really didn't taste different, but I was worried about all the bacteria that live in the geysers, so I didn't enjoy it much. These next pictures Joe took of Old Faithful going off right after the Beehive geyser ran out of steam. Joe ate the last bit of my ice cream, because I was going to throw it out, and he thought I was being silly. I told Joe, that they should have signs up that say, " Warning, Don't eat ice cream while watching geysers, as some can get so high, and shower into your ice cream." These are pictures of Old Faithful. Since they don't have a sign, I'll tell you, " Don't eat ice cream around geyser, because it can ruin it for you!" The beehive geyser lasted longer than 12 minutes. Old Faithful only lasts about 4 minutes. After we walked around the boardwalk, we got to the other side to see the Beehive Geyser. Hard to believe this small geyser could put up such a high flying show. Hope you enjoyed the Beehive Geyser, just don't eat ice cream in it's presence.

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