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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Boiling River


This was our view while we were at Mammoth Hot Spring. Joe and I really like this campground because of the views. Now if they could get full hook ups, we would grade it A+.
On our drive down Highway 89 toward Gardiner, we stopped so Joe could show you our exact location.
We drove to just outside of Gardiner, MT., to make some phone calls and saw this goat while talking on the phone. Then we headed back up Highway 89 to the Boiling River for a soak.
Joe and I would not have know about this place except that I read our friend's Dawn and Jeff blog. We met Dawn and Jeff our first winter out RVing in Florida. Dawn showed me how to start my blog.
We did not see in any of the Yellowstone Newspapers or guides/maps anything about this place.
Right at the boarder of Wyoming and Montana there is a turn out with parking on both sides of the highway for the Boiling River.
You walk about a 1/2 mile on a trail to the Boiling River.
As we walk on the trail, I got a good view of the hot springs heading for Gardner River.
What do you know, Joe got into the water. He was checking out the hot water coming into the river.
You are probably wondering why everyone seems to be in a line in the river.
That is where the sweet spot is. If you get too far to the right, you get freezing cold river water. Too far to the left you get boiling hot spring water. In the middle you get a wonderful soak or hot tub effect. Be sure to bring your water shoes though, because you will have to walk over rocks and boulders, to find a spot in the river.
That's me in the front with the hat and sun glasses. Joe and I soaked for about 45 minutes, then Joe got out to take these pictures. We really needed a bath as the park does not have showers and we have been conserving water. This worked great for that!
Joe had to walk upstream against a very strong current to get back at our towels and cloths.
I didn't think I had the strength to fight the current, because it was so difficult just getting to a sweet spot. I stayed on my butt and walked on my hand and feet going forward. A couple of times the current caught me and pushed me against some rock, cutting my shin a little. The Boiling River was an experience I don't think we will ever find anywhere else! I asked a couple how they knew about this place. They told me , they asked a ranger where they could go swimming, and were told about this place. I don't know about all the other people and how they knew about this place, but since the parking lots were full and others were parking on the side of the highway, that might have give people an inkling that something is worth the stop.
That evening we had a beautiful sunset that made our views, as looking through rose colored glasses. Here is a span of our view.

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