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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ross Witham Beach

We started to leave Bathtub Beach, on Hutchinson Island, and I wanted to take a picture of the sign, for those looking for Dog Beaches. Bathtub Beach is dog friendly, if on a leash and waste is pick up!

Just north of Bathtub Beach is the Gilbert's Bar House Of Refuge. The people in the office of Port St. Lucie RV Resort told us to look for this place to find another interesting beach.

Right next to the refuge is the Ross Witham Beach. If you go to this beach, make sure it is low tide. This beach did not say anything about dogs I think you could probably be safe to bring your dog on the lower beach. But don't let them dig as they could dig up turtle eggs.

This beach is different, because when it is low tide you can climb down the rocky reef that is exposed, to a lower beach.

If you are a kid or kid at heart there are lots of places to get into or under.

When looking for the beach, you can look for the look out tower, which is part of the refuge.

More of the orange coral or plant life on a reef in the water.

Reef on the lower beach edge.

The reef has all these tiny holes which house lots of worms, that are part of the ecosystem of the ocean life. You can kind of see the worms in the some of the holes.

The beach was very quiet with just a few other people.

Kids would have fun here,

but they need to be careful as the rock reef is sharp.

On the way home I see the 2nd Melaleuca Street since we have been in Florida. I use and love Melaleuca, so had to take a picture.

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