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Monday, April 18, 2011

Water Taxi in Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Part 2

We had been on the lower deck on the ride to Hollywood, to stay out of the sun. It was getting later, so we head to the top deck.

The small tugboat was pulling this huge barge, to help it make the turn.

What is that in front of the barge? Joe said maybe it is  to break up ice in the ocean. That makes sense!

A little tug boat in the back also.

At one of the marina's, our captain pointed out  Ron Howard's and Johnny Depp's yachts. I didn't get pictures of them, because you could only see the back of them.

This is a multi million dollar dog park.

We got off at stop # 9 so we could walk around the shopping district on Las Olas Street. It  is a very high end shopping  and restaurant area. Before we boarded the water taxi, I stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and bought a slice of key lime cheesecake. Joe and I shared it on the water taxi, which headed back to our get off stop. I  had bought a slice of key lime pie while in Key West, and we were very disappointed . Our friend Val from our home town, had made us key lime pie once, and it was much better. We do recommend the key lime cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory. It was awesome!

There's that boat again, that Joe is going to get me some day!

Nice place to chill, but I don't think I would like to sit out there while water taxi's go by with everyone snapping pictures.

This is located on the most expensive property of the area. It is engrave with 14 carat gold in the design, worth mega bucks. The second level has a Jacuzzi in it.

Joe wearing the shirt I pick out for him.

"Joe, let me get my hair out of my eyes first"

Holding my sack with a purchase from Las Olas Street. Just couldn't resist!

We past a wedding party getting pictures. I wonder if the yacht is there for their honeymoon?

Do you recognize this yacht?

How about from this angle?

Or maybe from the back end.

Does the name help? Do you give up? This is the yacht that Goldie Hawn fell off in the movie " Overboard" with Kurt Russell.

Check out this yacht with it's helicopter on top!

This is one of the stops with more shopping, but we needed to get home to let Mallery out. I sure like their lounging room in the sand for the water taxi. Our stopping places didn't have anything like that.

Our captains pointed out the  resident iguana while coming and going under this bridge.

The sun is setting.

The ride back was taking longer than we thought.

There is a park along the intercoastal way. We would check it out, but our time was up in Fort Lauderdale.

The water taxi price drops to $10 after 7 PM

The taxi runs until 10 PM.

Joe needs to stand once in a while because the seats on the taxi's are not padded.

We boarded at 11:00 AM. We both agree, the $20 a person is well worth the taxi ride.

We finally arrive at Shooters, where we had boarded.

After we let Mallery out we drove to Ernie's Bar-B-Q.

We sat up stairs in the open balcony. Our view is a motorcycle shop out the front of the restaurant.

And a view to the parking lot below. We sat a corner table. I bought dinner for Joe. I too have a book on where to eat. The book is named "500 Things Too Eat Before It's Too Late" The book recommends the Conch Chowder, Bimini bread, and the Bar-B -Q sandwich. Joe and I shared the Bar-B Q sandwich and a bowl of chowder and Bimini bread. The sandwich is huge, so we were glad we shared it. For the price you get a lot of food, but Joe and I thought it was just OK. Joe said the bimini bread tasted just like plain white  homemade bread. It was suppose to have a sweet taste. The dipping sauce for the barbecue sandwiches was a bit hot for me, and Joe just didn't like it period.  I think Joe and I both need to find new food book!

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