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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Whispering Palms Resort Living, Sebastian, Florida

We left Port St. Lucie, Florida for Sebastian. On our way out of town we stopped at Outdoor Resorts of America, to see a motorhome. Jack, a motorhome broker showed us the motorhome as the owners had left their unit on the lot and went back home on the east coast. It is a 40ft 2003 Dutch Star by Newmar. It has 3 slides, and a very nice coach for $98, 000. Jack, the broker wanted us to see a couple other coaches north of us. We said goodbye and drove a short drive to Whispering Palms Resort Living, in Sebastian, Florida..

As Joe went to register, I told him to tell the office we would like one of the front row pull- thru's. I went to take Mallery for a walk.

Looking down the front row of the park. Not any RVs in the front 3 rows of the park.Everyone else has headed north. The park has about 600 sites with the majority of them being mobile homes. When Joe got back to the Nest, he said, " Oh no, 

 we hit something!" Our first accident in 2 1/2 years.When we left the park in Port St. Lucie, we needed to turn left. There was a medium in front of the park, forcing us to turn right. We had talked previously about how Joe was going to handle the situation. I told Joe he should just turn right and go around the block to get to the main road. Joe said he was going to make a U turn at the end of the medium, since the street was not busy. He said, "no sense spending more gas to go around the block". When he made the U turn he said he would make a wide turn to get turned around. As he made the turn, he heard a bump. I didn't notice it much, and Joe finally though maybe something shifted in the basement compartments.

He should have listened to his wives's idea instead! Next time I think he will. The office at the new park was closed for Good Friday and the weekend, our site and information  was taped to the frond door. We found our spot. The spot we were given had deep tire tracks in the sandy soil. Joe went over to fill in the ruts. I said, " I don't know! this doesn't look good." Joe said, " try to guide me around the ruts in the sandy area.. As Joe backed into the site he asked "are my tires spinning, we don't seem to be moving anymore". I watched and couldn't see them spinning, but he was dug into the sandy soil.

Joe got out and put some boards under the tires, but we just dug in deeper, with the tires not getting on the wood.

This was not our day!

A mail lady was driving by, she stopped her mail truck and got out. She proceeded to get down on the ground, to dig the sand and dirt out in front of our rear tires. She said we needed to dig the tires out first. In a matter of seconds, she was elbow deep in the sand/dirt digging with her bare hands. Joe and I stood there, not knowing what to think. We got our gloves and started to help. Once we got the tires dug out, Joe tried again.

We still could not get out. Joe look under and could see that our jacks were dug into the sand, holding us down. We told the mail lady we appreciated her help, but we were going to have to call a tow. She said she had to get back to work, and I ran inside to get some wet paper towel, to clean her up. After she got most of the dirt off  her, Joe said , " Why don't you go inside our RV and wash her hands." She said it was only dirt, and not worry about it. Joe asked if she knew anyone we could call, and she called a friend and got a tow number for us. What an angel she was! Talk about someone who just jumped to help out. It still puts me in awe!

While we waited for the tow, 3 neighbors came out to tell us that everyone who had previously parked in that site got stuck like us. Another neighbor said she had live there for 5 years, and there had only been 2 RVs put in that spot. There were many, many other empty RV spots. Why were we put there, Joe wanted to know.

Another neighbor said the whole park was built on sand, and when we get out, we need to make sure we park on only sites that are paved.

Doesn't look good!

The tow truck showed up and said, he didn't know if he could pulls us out with the truck he had. He said he would have to drive about 30 miles to get his big boom truck, and it would be a minimum of $125.00. Joe asked if he knew someone else who was closer, so we wouldn't have to wait. 

He then said he could try, if Joe wanted him to. Joe wanted to give it a chance. .

We got hooked up for the tow.  When he first tried, he couldn't get us out.

Then he asked Joe to give him some help by carefully driving our motorhome as he pulled with his winch.

That did the job! We were out.

Since he didn't need the boom truck, he only charged us $ 80.00

We went out to the front and pulled into a pull-thru site at # 7 Queen street. It was 4:23, and time for lunch. What a day! Our first accident and first time to get stuck, all in one day!

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