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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Forks 101 RV Park, Forks, WA

Wednesday 8/29/12

While we were in Ocean Shores, WA, we got a lot of sun the last week we were there. My tomato plants started to ripen up from the sun.

I have had to cover my tomato plants with plastic every night because the temperatures have dipped almost every night below 50 degrees. We have had to close our motor home windows every night, or freeze. What a strange summer it has been for two Iowans who are use to sweating on summer nights.

Joe saw this big bird before we left Ocean Shores.

He got the zoom out to get a better look at it.

I told Joe this is why I insist that he put Mallery on a leash when he takes her out for her last outing before bed. He always thinks I am being silly, but I know there are predators out there, looking for their next meal.

We made our way back to Hwy 101 and drive on a section of Hwy. we already drove, on our visit to Lake Quinault.

We got a little drizzle of rain on a section of the drive. We were in a rain forest, so what else would you expect.

Our total drive that day was 110 miles or a 2 1/2 hour drive.

On much of the drive we were inland, until we drove through the Quinault Indian Reservation to the coast.

This shows our trip for the day on the GPS.

Part of the last section of the drive was along the coast.

Trees, trees, trees and more!

We enter into our next home town for 1 week.

Forks, WA has a population of 3,175 people.

We stayed at Forks 101 RV Park located in the town of Forks right off of Hwy 101.

We could not get into a ROD or Coast to Coast park during Labor day weekend.  These parks clubs often blackout holiday weeks., so we chose this park to hold up until the holiday was over. We paid the $35 a night, which is about $10 a night more than what we have budgeted. Most people look forward to holidays. It just means problems and money to us! While in Forks, we lived on Twilight Way. Who all  knows the significances of Forks, WA?

The lady that runs the park is a really nice lady. She makes up for the high price we had to pay to stay at her park. She and her husband have run this park for 20 years.

We chose to park our Nest out in the lot across from the park office. We were told that the internet was best out front close to Hwy. 101 and diminished as you went further into the park. No trees, but tress means no TV and somtimes bad internet. As you can see we are in good company.

We had a beautiful sunset that night, even though we were smack dab in the middle of town.

The front row filled up before dark.


                                      Thursday 8/30/12

The next day I decided to go to the hospital in town to get checked out again for the dizziness I had been experiencing for a month and a half. I had tried my best to find a Dr. to take me while in Ocean Shores, but, Washington Dr's didn't seem to want to take new patients that were passing through. The hospital did a cat scan to check to see if I might have had a stroke. For the previous week, I felt the dizziness was on my left side and I left like when I walked, I was leaning to the left. I knew I didn't have any of the high risks for strokes, but I read that 30 % of women who have stroke don't have any of the risks. Fortunately the scan was clean, and they though I might have an inner ear virus. If the dissiness is caused by an ear virus, I have a chance of recoverey. I always have ringing in my left ear, but it had been much louder with the dizziness. Can't wait to get that next big hospital bill! I am sure that visit will push me over to meet my deductible, so the rest of the year with our Dr visits in Iowa, I will only have to pay 20%. I have progressively gotten better and better since my visit to the emergency room in Forks. I don't know for sure what caused all my problems, but it is so nice to be feeling normal again
We arrived in Moses Lake, Wa today, which is located on I-90 in central WA. We plan on staying here for a week.

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