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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Historic Nye Beach & Bayfront District in Newport, OR

Sunday 7/29 /2012

The next day I wanted to make a quick stop at the Lincoln City Farmers Market. Their market is from May 6 to Oct 14, on Sunday from 9am to 3 pm and located off of Hwy 101.

Dogs are allowed but keep them on a leash and don't let them mark on any vendor's tents, and please pick up after them.

I wanted to pick up some Royal Jelly which is made for the Queen bee.The Queen bee lives much longer because of her diet of Royal Jelly. It helps with increased energy, which I need because of the fibromyalgia that I deal with. The vendor was at the Newport Farmers Market the day before, and I wanted to check prices on the internet before I purchased it. This vendor had a better price than online, so we made a special trip into Lincoln City before we started our day.

We headed back to Newport, OR and made a stop at the Pacific Surf RV Estate. We had noticed this place on a previous drive- by's and we wanted more information on the place.
The sites are privately owned, but are rented out. There are only 6 sites.

The RV Estate has a BBQ and entertainment center.

It is gated and there is one site for sale at $50,000. Approved guests can rent a site for $75 a night. If interested contact Scott Mickeleit at 503-753-7526 or go to www.thepacificsurf.com. If we ever come back this way, we will have to spend a few nights here for a treat!

Just down the road from the Pacific Surf RV Estate is the Outdoors Resort Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort. The gate man told us no one was allowed in for even a look see, but he told us if you wanted to rent a spot, the winter rates were from $30 to $70 a night, and the summer rates were $50 to $90 a night. He told us that the Outdoor Resorts was going through bankruptcy, and the owners were dealing with the situation. When we bought our new Nest, she was sitting in a Outdoor Resort in Florida,  so we know this resort is probably a beautiful resort.

If you are interested in staying at this resort call Ernie Thompson at 541-264-8507.

Our next stop was to the Historic Nye Beach area of Newport.

Joe and I split up because there were several shops, and Joe didn't want to follow me around, and I didn't want Joe following me around. At least we agree on this subject!

A couple of the homes that face the Pacific Ocean.

The turquoise one is the Sylvia Beach Motel.

It had a restaurant in it also. It looked like a nice place to stay if you are not a RVer!

Joe and I had not split up yet. We had just parked and were walking to the shopping district.

We were checking out the beach and Nye Beach map. Joe points out where we are at the present.

Looking out at Nye Beach. While I shopped, Joe got some oysters Rockefeller at a restaurant that had a special of 12 for $10.99.          

Next we drove to the Bayfront District in Newport. Here again we split up. I took Mallery and her stroller and Joe took the camera. Because he took all of the next pictures I am handing off the rest of the blog to him.
This is the Main St. shopping district of the harbor district of the town. (another husband with the dog  waiting for his wife)

This side of the street on the water side of the street had a lot of fish processing warehouses. Many had interesting murals painted on them.

All sorts of  artistic ads on them.

Enjoy the various paintings. I did.

Good old Moby Dick.



It goes on and on. But I'm enjoying it.

I came upon a sign that advertised fresh crab and fish for sale from the boat. Sounds good to me, lets check it out.

Todays prices. This is whole fish. They weigh the whole fish, then fillet it for you. The smallest fish was 9 lbs.

The people ahead of me bought this fish and they were filleting it for them.

Those same people wanted some fresh crabs so they started to pick them out "live" one at a time.
I decided not to buy at this time and went back to walking the boardwalk along the harbor.

Lots of fishing boats.

Tried to catch the reflections.

Oops, here come the bosses.

Malley isn't modest. She will do her thing right on the sidewalk. Diane wearing her new poncho find from the Neskowin Farmers Market.

I'm not sure what these big ships are?

We found a spot where you could watch people bringing their catches ashore and clean their catch. Lots of  crabs being cleaned.


More artistic work on the fish warehouses. I'm really impressed by some of these.


Homes looking down on the harbor.

A view of the impressive Newport bridge.

I got a kick out of this mom and pop restaurant's decor.

The paintings go on and on.



Another view of the shops.

This place took the cake for old markers.

Need I say more, I really enjoyed the artwork.

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