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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Manzanita, OR

Monday 8/6/2012

Another day at Paradise Cove Resort and Marine in Rockaway Beach.

We were headed north to visit another small town from us, but we made a stop at a resident building site on a a peninsula across from our campground. Our neighbors had told us it was their dream building spot if they won the lottery. We turned onto Nehalem Pt. Dr. to see the lots.

Joe waits at the car, while I check out the lots view.

The best lots in the entire neighborhood is lot 51 and 52.

This is the back yard view from both of the lots. The tide is out, so there is not as much water for the view. Joe and I both agree, our view from our campground is better. Why not just  stay at the Paradise Cove Resort and Marina because it will save you $250,000, which is the cost for each of the lots.

We drove up the road next to visit the town of Manzanita, OR.

We drove through the town area and then toward the beach.

We saw some homes on the hill, so we drove up to see their view. They had some pretty nice views!

We then walked up and down the shopping district, one of Joe's favorite thing to do. This is a cafe shop that had some pastries and sandwiches. We had brough our sack lunches, so we just drooled over the menu instead. We are LaFontaine's, and we cut corners where ever possible.

While I was in one shop, Joe found this cute fish decor outside the shop.

The small town has a population of 654 people.

The town was started in 1912 as a beach resort. The prices in the shops are very high end and very pricey also.
Manzanita has their Farmers Market on Friday from 5pm to 8pm. Darn, we just miss it.

After shopping we headed back to the beach. These home are located across the street from the beach. We notices most of the homes on the beach had glass sided decks, protecting them from the cool wind from the ocean. ( Since the temperatures in the summer are usually 68 degrees or lower).

As we walked the beach, I took a picture of the homes on the hill that we had visited when we first came into the town that day.

Another view of the homes with the great views, on the hill.

I really liked this town, but after walking the beach, I change my mind.

The sand on the beach was as hard as a rock. It was very packed down. When you have been on the best beaches in the USA, ( Gulf Shores, Alabama) it is hard to appreciate others. But this beach was awful to me.

We had  a second day of  warm weather for that week . We have worn shorts only a few times this summer, and this was one of those days.

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