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Come join Joe, Mallery & I, as we travel around the USA in our RVery Best Nest. God's Favor has been chasing us down, and we are enjoying all of His blessing's, that He has created for all to enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pacific Holiday RV Resort, Long Beach, Washington

                                   Wednesday 8/8/2012

It was time to leave Oregon and add another state to our list.We left Rockaway Beach and headed north on Hwy. 101. In Warrenton, OR. we cross Youngs Bay to get to Astoria, OR.

Once in Astoria we took a ramp to cross the Astoria Megler Bridge.

The bridge from Oregon to Washington is 4.1 miles across.

The bridge on the Oregon side is up very high for ship traffic below.

Then the bridge descends to the water, as the bridge gets closer to the state of Washington.

The bridge was made to withstand winds at 150 mph.

Looking north up the Columbia River.


Cascade Mountains that run along the Columbia River.

The bridge is open one time a year, usually in October, for pedestrian traffic. A bus takes people across to the Washington side, and the people can walk or run across to the Oregon side.

The Astoria Megler Bridge is the longest continuous truss bridge in America.

We enter into a new state for both of us.

Washington is the Evergreen State.

Our drive in Washington takes us along the Pacific Ocean for a while.

Shortly we arrive in our new town for a week in Long Beach, WA.

We drive through the small town of Long Beach, which has a annual International Kite Festival on the third week of August. We left just before it took place. We didn't time that well!

Three miles to the north of Long Beach was our new backyard at Pacific Holiday RV Resort.

This is a ROD Campground, so we stayed here for free with our membership.

The campground is basically one long row of RV site.

From our site looking toward the entrance.

The sites are paved, but tight, and a little grass for Mallery.

Just a few sites from us is the entrance to the beach.

After getting our Nest set up, we headed to the beach.

The walk is about a quarter of a mile through the tall grass path.

Looking back at our campground.

Mallery hot even in the cooler weather.

Dad hands her a beer, and says, "Cool down, it's Miller Time"! "Thanks Dad", she replied!

We walked quite a distance, and then came to this large group of sea birds.

We got Mallery on her leash because she LOVES to chase them. I have a blogger friend that blogged that it is not right to let children or dogs chase the birds because birds need their rest during migration. I don't know if this is a migration time, but just in case, we show respect to the birds.

As we got closer to them, one at a time they started to fly off.

We get closer still,

and more take to flight.

Now they all get up and go!

We were not chasing them, and they were still taking off. I might as well had let Mallery chase them and she could have got her thrill for the day! It didn't seem to matter. She was not barking at them either.

The waves were pretty mild along this beach.

The beach is pretty much empty most of the time there.

We came across several dead crabs. This one is a male and is of legal size.( I think)  If it had got into Joe's crab trap it would have been a keeper. You can tell that it is a male by the long triangle. If it was a short and wide triangle on the underside, it would be a female. We learned this from Norm, whom Joe bought his crab trap from.

He was about hand size. Without the measuring instrument, we don't know for sure, but he does look large enough if he were not dead!

We head back home through the grass fields.

Mallery enjoyed all the smells along the way.

I worried about a snake popping out and biting her with his poison, so it could have her for dinner.

But at the same time, I have to let her enjoy her life, so I just keep worrying and hurry her along.

Flowers amongst the sea grass.

Pacific Holiday RV Resort has three cabins to rent out.

They have a very small pool. It is covered at night, and it must be heated because it was pretty cool while we were there. We did see it being used several times.

Unfortunately I did not have an internet signal at this campground, which again set me back. We did however enjoy hearing the ocean's waves crash a shore, as we fell asleep at night!



  1. I have been reading your blog for several months now and I am sooo jealous! Your adventures look like so much fun and just the kind of thing that my husband and I like to do.
    We live in Nebraska and love to camp...but we don't have anything near as big as yours..so it's fun to read where you've been!

    1. Hi M/C I just found your comment on my blog. I found on blogger where it give me notice when someone leaves a comment that I didn;t know about. Sorry that it took me so long to respond. Blogger is constantly changing things and adding things. Kind of like technology. Hard to keep up with al the changes. Are you still working? Do you plan on being a full time RVer some time? One thing my husband and I have learned from being a full timer and that is, that the USA is a big country and it takes a long time to see it all. I am glad you are enjoying our adventure and hope someday you can do the same. Thanks for visiting Diane