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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paradise Cove, Rockaway Beach, OR

Wednesday Aug. 1, 2012

Joe is always taking pictures of the moon. Not sure why, but maybe when he does a proof read he will fill us in. We had a great time at Chinook Bend RV Resort in Lincoln, OR, but our week was up and it was time to move on. The reason I take moon pictures is they always look better than they turn out out in the camera.

As we went through Lincoln City, I took a picture of the RV Premier Resort. It is located on Hwy 101 and I am sure it has internet service, which would have been my only complaint about staying at Chinook Bend RV Resort. If we ever come through here again, our budget won't be as tight, and this might be a good place to stay.

Lincoln City has a Tanger Outlet and I did get to spend a few hours there. It's great shopping in Oregon because there is no sales tax.

Total distance from Lincoln City, OR to Rockaway Beach, OR was 47 miles. Short and sweet, just the way we like to travel.
Our resort is north of Rockaway Beach, so we just drove through.

We leave the Tsunami area. Good, because most of the campgrounds we have been staying at on the west coast this summer had been in the Tsunami zone. You can't help but to worry about it with all the Tsunami signs around. I know one thing, if I lived on the west coast, I would be located on top of a hill!
Our next campground was in a bay area, as you can see from my GPS screen.

Paradise Cove Resort and Marina was also an ROD campground, so we stayed free there for a week.

Some how Joe and I missed this red stop sign and drove on into the campground. ( Picture taken later). Hey this is Joe, and the sign doesn't say stop and register at the top of the hill. I didn't see anyone at the entrance shack?  So I drove on in.

As we drove in, we look for the office. This is Joe, I had been told by some people we met that this park had an upper level and a lower level and that we should take the upper level so I took the road to the right.

We found a place to park, and walked down to the lower level looking for the office.

No office here, just a recreation hall.

I took a picture of the docks in the park as we looked for the office.

Joe found a maintenance man, who told us to go back to the entrance to register. We walked back up the long hill to the gate house.

When we drove in, Joe said it didn't look like anyone was in it. From our experience, they are usually empty. This one wasn't empty, I guess Joe couldn't see anyone as we passed by. Now Joe registers us.

Later on that day after we set up we checked out the big white building. Not much in there. Just a couple of pool tables and the laundry.

We got to pick out our site, so we picked out site 62.

It was a tight site to maneuver into, but the guy (Greg, who we later met) on the right of us helped Joe get into the site. I am so use to guiding Joe in backwards, that I have very little practice guiding in frontwards. The sites are back in sites, but everyone had pulled in for the view. When Joe hooked up the utilities, he had to get out his extra long size hoses and extensions to get hooked up. I remember the first year out, he objected when we needed to purchase the longer extensions for an unusual site. But we have found, you really need them if you are full-timing, so just get them from the get go.

Once we got set up, this was our view.

The upper landing sites only have 30 amps, but the view was well worth it.

Later on in the week we found out there was another section of the park on the other side of  Hwy. 101, way up on another hill, so we walked up that hill. No one gave us a map of the campground when we first arrived, so we thought the upper and lower part of the campground that we were in was it. This is the family pool  located in this new upper part we discovered.

To the right is the lap pool. It is not heated.

Between the pools is the hot tub/jacuzzi.

Our friends who we meet at Davis Cabinets, Bill and Sheila, and then ran into at Neskowin Creek RV Resort and then Chinook Bend RV Resort arrive a couple of days after we arrive at Paradise Cove. We knew they were coming this time. There wasn't any hilltop front row spots, so they chose to come up to the forest area across Hwy.101.

They wanted 50 amp besides, and this part of the park has 50amp.

Sunset at Paradise Cove Resort and Marina

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