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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lake Crescent, & Lake Crescent Lodge, WA

Saturday 9/1/2012

We left Sol Duc Falls and got back to Hwy. 101. While in the car I got my hiking shoes off and got my regular shoes back on. So glad I had my regular shoes in the car. On Hwy. 101 we headed north. After a short drive, we went down a steep hill and got a glimpse of Lake Crescent.

Hwy. 101 runs along the south side of the lake.

The water was a real turquoise blue color.

There were cabins and homes along the north shore of the lake.

We saw just one boat pulling someone tubing behind him on the lake.

On the southeast end of the lake is Lake Crescent Lodge.

These are some of the cabins that you can rent at the resort. These cabins are called the Singer Tavern Cabins.

Cute with their front porch and chairs.

Walking to the lodge from the parking lot.

Beautiful 1916 Lake Crescent Lodge.

Bar for your 5 PM cocktail time.

Sun room off the lodge main room overlooking the lake.

Covered porch with wicker chairs at entrance of lodge.

Large dock out from the front porch of the lodge.

Beach next to the dock out in front of the lodge.
A few kids braving the water.

Joe and I fell in love with this lake.

I caught two people jumping off the dock into the water. Brave souls they are. The water was crystal clear.

Looking north on the lake. The resort provides rental boats for a fee.

View of lodge from the dock.
View of the beach to the north of the dock. This pictures give the true color of the water.

Joe and I would love to come back here for a week or so when we stop RVing.

We continued around the lake and found this public beach on the north east corner of the lake.

The beach is called East Beach.

Further up the road on the north side of the lake we found Log Cabin Resort.

There was a small RV park with a few lake shore sites.

There were two cabin types.

Other cabin types.

We had a couple at our campground in Forks tell us about a cafe in Joyce, WA that had a variety of blackberry desert, pancakes, and sauces for salel. We figured we would make a point to stop and check it out.
I ordered a blackberry cobbler with ice cream. Joe ordered nothing. Does that surprise you? The cobbler was good but it was served with ice milk, not ice cream. That was my only complaint. Ice milk is colder and not creamy, so the coldness made the cobbler not as enjoyable.

We thought there was a road that went completely around the lake, but there wasn't. There was a road that took you to the homes and cabins on the north shore, but we didn't know if it went completely around the lake and didn't want to take the chance and drive it, to only have to turn around. At Joyce we turned around and went back the way we came around the lake.

Lake Crescent is approximately 12 miles long with an average depth of 300 feet and a maximum depth of 624 feet officially, and over 1000 feet unofficially.

The lake has a surface area of 5,127 acre. It is the second deepest lake in Washington.

At the west end of Lake Crescent we made a stop to get a picture looking east. I would love to own a home on this lake, but with it being located in the Olympic National Park, it is on the edge of the rain forest. It has more than normal rain fall annually and the average high summer temperature is 72.

That evening we had another beautiful sunset in Forks, WA.

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