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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public Market, Aberdeen & Ocean Shores, WA

                                          Thursday 8/16/12

This is Joe writing to help Diane get caught up. On our first full day in the Ocean Shores area we took a drive back south to a town called Aberdeen. Diane wanted to get some organic produce that we couldn't find in the local grocery stores in our area. This is the market place in Aberdeen.

Diane checking out what the place had to offer.

After we finished our shopping I dropped Diane off at home and drove the short 4 miles to the town of Ocean Shores which sits out on a peninsula. I found a place to get the oil changed on the Honda. Afterwards I took a drive around.

I drove clear out to the end of the peninsula and found this small marina. They sell crabs here on Sat. and Sun. for $10.00 a piece. They weigh between 1 to 1 1/2 lbs.

I drove the approximately 6 miles back to town and turned to go to the public beach.

You drive right onto the beach and pick a parking spot. There are signs warning you to pay attention to the tides so your car doesn't get stuck when the tide comes in. There is an outfit that brings horses down to the beach every day and charges $20 per hour to take you for a short ride down and back with a guide.

I was surprised to see so many people flying kites.

Many like these were very colorful and had fun shapes.

I got out the zoom lens to get this shot.

Check out this Red Baron kite.

I think this kite is suppose to be a shark.

Talk about a long tail.

There were a handful of people just out enjoying the beach and a couple wading in the waters edge.

Here comes a large group of riders coming back from their hour ride down the beach.

I returned to the car and headed back to town from the beach. The beach here is very flat and wide and pretty much packed down. Not what I would call a pretty beach.

Back in town I see the usual tourist trap. Ocean Shores is OK, It isn't what I would call a cute little town. It does have the usual go kart track and kiddie attractions, but the town is spread out and isn't set up for strolling around.

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