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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Seaside,Hug Point, & Oswald West In OR

Tuesday 8/7/2012

On our last day in Rockaway Beach, we decided to run back to Seaside and check out the tourist area.

We came here the first day for groceries, but never checked out the rest of the town.

The tourist area is a road perpendicular to Hwy. 101 and runs toward the ocean. This view is looking from the ocean toward Hwy. 101 and the coastal mountains.

Seaside Beach hosts the largest amateur volleyball tournaments in the world.

The town was getting set up for the tournament being held on the up coming weekend.

At the turnaround facing the ocean, stands a Lewis and Clark statue that commemorates their 18 month, 4000 miles journey from St. Lewis to the Oregon coast.

We were hungry, so I asked a clerk in a retail store, where was good place to eat. She recommended Norma's

They advertised "World Famous Clam Chowder, and named "America's Top Ten Soups".  Of course I needed to be a judge on the chowder! Joe had seen a place just across the street selling single slices of pizza, so I ordered my chowder to go, and we ate at the open air pizza shop.

I put my oyster crackers in and went for a bite, but it was extremely hot. Joe was done with his pizza and I was still trying to cool down my chowder. The chowder was thick, didn't compare to many other chowders, I have had along the coast.

I got homemade bread with my chowder also, but it was kind of dry.

Joe was glad that he went with the pizza after my assessment of the chowder.
Seaside is a great place for families. The downtown had a Carousel Mall, bumper cars, and arcades. We didn't stay long, because the shops were more of the typical tourist shops, which is not my type of shopping. That made Joe very happy!

On the way home we swung through Cannon Beach, and stopped at their Farmers Market.

I decide to try one of the healthy drinks at "The Juice Box".

I picked the strawberry, beet, apple and kale drink.

It looked good, but it had too strong of the beet taste. I drank it because I spent $7.00 on it and it was good for me, but I wouldn't order it again.

We also made a stop at Hug Point on the way home.

The top of the beach had a ton of ocean smoothed rocks.


The beach is rather small, because of the rocky cliff mountains on the side of the beach

I went down to the beach and searched the rocks for a find.

Since we didn't spend much time in Seaside we stopped at Oswald West also.

There was a short hike to the beach.

Another rocky beach.

Joe spotted an old tree trunk

with "Love Rocks"


I knew what he was up to!

Joe leaving his mark on the beach.


This beach was larger than Hug Point, but was also restricted by high cliffs on both ends of the beach.

Joe tests the log crossing, before I crossed. He did find one log that moved once he started to step on it. When I crossed, I knew to avoid that log.

This little boy was digging to China!

Lots of washed up logs on this beach also.

Still having more time, we drove past our campground, and back down to Rockaway Beach.

The first day we drove to see Rockaway Beach, it was too foggy to see their famous Arched Rock.

On this day, it was very clear and Arch Rock was very visible.

From the beach we got a good view of the homes on the hill that we had not seen on our previous visit.
 We are currently in Sequim, WA. Sequim is located between Port Townsend and Port Angeles on the northeast corner of the Olympic Penisula in Washington. We will be leaving here on Wednesday for La Conner, WA.

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