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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bragg Farm, Willow Moon Farm in Vermont

After our visit to Rock of Ages, we went to Braggs Farm gift shop and sugar house, located not too far from Green Valley Campground. Vermont is the largest pure maple syrup producer in the the country.

Bragg Farm is a maple syrup farm. The farm has been producing maple syrup for eight generations. Inside you can sample the four different flavors of syrup. The four flavors are from light to darkest. We bought a half gallon of the third darkest syrup. The darkest syrup is used mostly for baking.

They also make ice cream from maple syrup.

They have chairs on their porch to sit and relax while you enjoy your ice cream.

They have a short film you can watch that explains the process of making pure maple syrup. This is the big tank  that the sap goes into after they collect it in the spring, from the maple trees. The sap is boiled for many hours to produce the syrup. They had 2000 pails to collect the sap, lining this room. No I didn't count them, the owner told me how many they had.

Outside they had some pet goats you could feed.You can buy goat feed inside the store at 25 cents for a small bag.

The goat came up to me, but as soon as he saw I didn't have any food, he went back eating his grass. 

I had to get some feed from the store to get his attention. He had beautiful  blue eyes.

We got directions from Bragg to find Willow Moon Farm. We looked earlier that day for it, but we couldn't find it. We had to cross another covered bridge to get to the farm.

This bridge crosses the Winooski River. 

This bridge is 69 1/2 feet long and one of the 100 covered bridge that are protected in the state of VT. VT. has the most covered bridges in the country.

Willow Moon Farm sits off of Hwy. 2, but because it sit down and back from the Hwy., we couldn't see it. I found this farm on the internet.

The farm sells goat cheese, raw goat milk, goat soap, honey, and free range chicken and duck eggs.

When I got there, I was told, all the raw goat milk was gone for the day. She only saves milk for that day for her regular customers. The rest goes into the vat to make cheese. She told me, if I came back in the morning, she would save me some. These are her kids that were born just a couple of weeks prior. I could not get good pictures, because they moved around so much. They were adorable. I think she still has some kids for sale.

You can see were their horn buds were removed, so they will not grow horns.

They are Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats.

They are known for their high milk fat which makes great cheese, and milk products.

Joe wanted to try her duck eggs. She only had two left, so we bought the last two.

This is the little runt of one of the does. It came 3 weeks early.

This is the owners daughter who bottle feed the little runt.

She showed me some of her milking does.

This is the owner of Willow Moon Farm. I want to thank her for being so kind and patient with me and all my questions. I know she is a very busy Lady!

She showed me her cheese making room. The picture did not turn out well because of the reflection on the window looking into the room. If you would like to find out more about Willow Moon Farm, go to www.willowmoonfarm.com

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