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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Magic Pines Campground, Lewis, New York

On July 10, we left the Lake George area, and headed north on I- 87.

Mallery really enjoyed our last campground, River View Campground, in Lake George, with our large front yard. We were able to play ball, for the first time, in a long time. She loves to play ball. She still has the energy to play, but we had to play with her, for very short periods of a time. Her breathing is compromised, because of her collapsed trachea. She did have wheezing after each time, but she still wanted to play.

When we left River View, I noticed a sign welcoming you to the town of Warrensburg on the left of the river. Lake George had a sign welcoming you to the right of the river. I guess we were in the outskirts of Lake George. It was nice being right next to Warrensburg, because a grocery store was just down the street in the little town.

Our drive was only 70 miles north to Lewis, New York.

We got off the I-87 and took 9N.

After a very  short drive we see our sign.

Our new neighborhood is Magic Pines Campground.

This campground is a Passport campground, so we can use our Passport Membership. The restrictions on the Passport fee is for one day, at half price; Sunday to Thursday. This is very minimal, but we are in prime time so we can not complain. The normal rate is $26, so we get one day at $13. If you take a pull through site, it is two dollars more a day.

Joe warned me before we arrived, that he didn't think this campground was going to be as nice as the last place. I told him, it didn't matter, because we are never home anyway.

When Joe registered, he told the owner that we wanted the best spot that would allow us to receive a Direct TV signal. We were given site 105.

It was one of just a few that had sun above and grass around the site.

After setting up, Joe spent two hours trying to get a signal from Direct TV, with no luck.

He noticed that there were a couple of dishes on trees across from us with miles of cable on the ground. He took the extra cable and hooked it to our Nest. The signal was very weak,  fluctuating from 0 to 63. We need to get to at least 80 for a good signal. He had me sit at the window, while he climbed a ladder, and tried to get a better signal. We tried  for about a  fifteen minutes, but the signal didn't seem to be affected by the changes. Joe finally realized, after tracing the cables, we were hooked up to the other dish. He moved the ladder to the other tree. After another 15 minutes, we just made the signal worse. The signal also fluctuated between 0 to 63. We finally called it quits. Most channels on the Direct settings, would stay on for a while, than would go fuzzy for a while, than back. CNN came in real good for some reason. We tried our antenna, and we could get a few local channels to get us by for the next five days.

The pool was just a few steps from us.

It is a very nice and clean pool. But I don't think it is heated, because it felt pretty cold.

A look back from the pool to our Nest.

In between us and the pool is this building. It is closed up. Either it used to be a out house or is storage.

Most of the sites have no grass and the ground is covered by dead pine needles.

This is the registration and store building.

There is a play area, and miniature golf , but they need to be updated.

All in all it works great for us, with a price of $26 a day, except for poor Direct TV signal.

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