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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lake Placid Day 2

When headed back up the mountain to Lake Placid again. On the way up, we stopped at the Rustic Furniture Gallery, a shop just past the town of Keene, NY on Hwy. 73. This is the husbands store. He has some really cool Adirondack furniture.

This is the wife's store, just across the parking lot from her husband's shop.

Adirondack Quilt & Gift 

Outside the husbands store, you will find martin bird houses.

This chair is on the wife's porch.

She also has a antler light on the porch.

I really like this quilt.

But because I just bought a new Verizon smart phone, there goes the quilt.

There was a quilt throw in the same color and  pattern.

There were all kinds of neat stuff in the wife's store. I liked this stitched framed saying.

I also like what this plaque said. I just can't buy stuff when I don't have a permanent home and know what decor and style it will be.

Outside both shops, there was another large chair. The east has a thing for large chairs. Joe had to help me get up there.

As we arrived in Lake Placid, one of the free trolleys we waited for, for a hour yesterday, passed us. I sure would like to know the schedule of  the trolley. I could not find the trolley schedule on the internet, and it was never posted at the trolley parking lot or waiting stand.

In this picture is Northwoods Inn, a hotel located in the downtown of Lake Placid.

We came back to Lake Placid to see the lake of  Lake Placid.

We left the downtown area and drove out of town. We didn't see any signs directing us to the lake. Joe saw a Sunco Gas station that had a good price on gas, so he pulled in. On the lawn of the gas station, were these cute logs reindeer.

A bench had a cute dog, with one of his ears was on the ground.

His eyes were just nails with a glob of clear glue on a thin round slice of wood.

This reindeer's one ear was on the ground too.

Here is the phone number of the person who created these cute wood statues.

The doggie also had a tail. We went on down the road a bit to the next town and saw  Saranac Lake.  We found a couple of farmer's vegetable stands, and picked up some fresh produce. Then we turned back toward Lake Placid again, and finally found the road to the lake. 

Lake Placid Marina

We walked out on the dock of the marina. Joe had gone inside to find out where we could drive to get a better view of the lake. He was told, all the roads around the lake were private, but we could take a boat tour of the lake.

View off the marina dock.

This is the Lake Placid Tour Boat.

Lake Placid Boat Tours are $15 for adults. We had just gone on Blue Mountain Boat Tour, so we past it up.

As we left I took a picture of the water clarity.

There were several really nice hotels on this street also, which sits between Lake Placid and Mirror Lake.

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