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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

To the Ferry in Essex, NY.

We left Magic Pines Campground and took Hwy. 12 to Essex, NY. We saw Lake Champlain off in the distance soon, on our short drive. During our drive on this back country winding road we had a scary experience. We came upon an odd dip along the right side of the road, it caused the Nest to dip and lean severely and then rock from side to side. For a split second it almost felt like we could have tipped over on our side. We have never felt such a severe leaning and rocking sensation as that before.

You don't see fields being prepared by horses very much these days.

The town of Essex was settled in 1765 and is on the National Register of  Historical Sites.The population is 700 something.

The town sits on Lake Champlain.

We decided to take the ferry to Vermont, because otherwise we would have had to drive south to Port Henry to the nearest bridge that crosses Lake Champlain. That would have taken us about 50 miles out of our way.

There are three different ferries that cross Lake Champlain. The other two are north of Essex.

The ferry ride from Essex is a shorter distance across the lake, so the fee is less, than the other two. The fee was $38 for a twenty minute ride.

This old home sits across the street from the ferry. there is an ice cream shop up the street. I saw a lot of people getting their ice cream cones for the ride.

We had to wait for about 10 minutes before a ferry showed up.

The ferry arrived and unloaded it's cars and walk on passengers, then we and the other cars were loaded onto the Ferry. To be continued. This neat old wood boat came by as we were loading.

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