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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Woodstock, New York

Yesterday, we drove 30 miles to Woodstock, New York in the Catskill Mountains.

It is a very cute little town, and was very busy yesterday. The population in 2000 was around 6000. The average age is 48 years old.

I got a big bang out of the electrical poles where all the signs have been put.

A close up. It's this just crazy!

The downtown was just about two blocks long. They had a couple of musicians playing in the central park. A flea market was going on, also for the weekend. I bought a very pretty print that a lady painted from  Marlboro, New York. I also bought some cool short at one of the stores in town.

Our weather was in the low eighties. The town just had a Farm Festival, with all kinds of  home grown vegetable, fruits herbs, homemade goodies and music. We were in the area but didn't know about it. I wish we had, because I would have like to had come. We had not planned on coming to Woodstock, but while at the Catskills Information Center, Joe read that the town of Woodstock was in the mountains. So you might say, we stumbled onto the town.

They had several cafes and restaurants in town, but we chose the Taco Juans Mexican Food cafe.

It was very crowded and very small in side.

The water glasses were also very small, but you could get as many refills as you wanted, at the help your self  water jug.

We each had a burrito, and I would give the cafe a high five on it. It was filled with lots of fresh tasting fillings.

After lunch we continued our walk down town. This is another sign of another restaurant in town. The owners of the pooch had gone for lunch also.

I though he was very cute and patient! Not sure what kind of breed or mixed breed he/she was.

There where lots of , of course, Hippie shops.

This shop on the outside, depicts the era the most; to Joe and I.

Most of the shops reeked of incense, which would force me out of the shops as I can not handle any strong smells, that will give me a immediate headaches, if I stay. Candle and perfume shops do the same thing to me. 

Beside the shop, the bus is also an iconic depiction.

At another shop, I talked to the Blues Brothers.

This sign tells the whole story of where the Woodstock Concert was held and why.

As we walked back up the opposite side of the street, we looked back across the street at Taco Juans, where we ate lunch. They also have an ice cream shop inside Taco Juans. 

Down the street from Taco Juans, there were two musicians singing, with one playing the guitar. The crowds hide the two musicians.

At the end of the street, we noticed this beautifully paved work. There was a sign next to a tree that had a phone number and email address or website of the artist who created the pavings.

I wish I had taken a picture of the sign so I could help advertise the artist's work. I do remember it was something like IRbanana.com. The "I" may be wrong, but I think the rest is right. It also may be IRbanana @ something , being a email address, instead of  a website. I am sure if you were really interested in his work you could call the Chamber of Commerce  in Woodstock, and they could give you his info. 
We woke up to rain, and it is 12:40 PM and it is still raining. We knew that it was to rain today, so we planned accordingly. We will be leaving on Tuesday for Lake George, New York in the Adirondack Mountains. We hope all of you are having a great 4th of July with family and friends, and give Thanks to God for our Freedoms we have living in America.

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