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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lake George, New York

Today we drove to Lake George four miles south of us.There is a walkway along the lake in the downtown area. This is the downtown beach.

The town of Lake George is at the most southern tip of the lake.

Lake George is  32 miles long and is 1 to 3 miles wide.

The downtown is up the hill from the lake, and is a buzz with tourists. The parking is $1 an hour with meters or $5 for all day at a parking lot. The downtown has pizza, ice cream and a lot of souvenir shops. Plus many other restaurants.

We were standing at the farthest southern end of the lake for this picture. The deepest point of the lake is 200 feet deep. The water is fairly clean looking, you can see the bottom at about 4 ft in depth.

Across the street from the southern end of Lake George is Fort William Henry, named after King George II 's grandson. In 1755 the Battle of Lake George was fought between Britain and France.

Further down to the east of the southern most tip of the lake is the Million Dollar Beach. Parking to the beach is $8.00. We decided it is called the Million Dollar Beach because it sits on land that is worth a million dollars.

After visiting the downtown area, we took a drive on Hwy. 9N which drive you on the west shore of Lake George. I spotted this mansion as we drove north. When we got home I checked the prices of lakefront homes on Lake George. Most start at $500,000 and go on up to 21/2 million. I am sure there are much more expensive homes, but just not listed at this time.

We stopped half way up the west coast to take a look at the lake. Lake George has 165 islands and 230 satellite islands , totaling 395 islands.

You can see one of the small islands in this picture.

We came to a pull off spot with a higher elevation, that gave us a great view. Lake George is nicknamed " The Queen of American Lakes".

You can see a boat below. This lake reminds me of Flathead Lake in Montana. Flathead Lake in Montana is 27 miles long, and up 15 miles wide. Flathead has the Rockies on the east side of the lake.

Looking straight across.

Looking more north.  
 The lake has salmon, bass, perch and trout for fishing.  In the summer the water temperature can reach 70 degrees. July is usually the hottest month with the avgerage being 83 degrees.
At the town of Hague we took Hwy. 8 east past Brant Lake. While on Hwy. 8 we saw this rock, that someone saw an elephant in it, and decide to paint some eyes and tusks on it.

A side view through the glare of the car window. When we came to Hwy. 9, we headed south to Warrensburg, NY, where our campground is located.


  1. Welcome to Lake George. We just bought our first RV and I decided to go online and see what people have to say about RVing. In about a minute, I spot your post. Enjoy our area. It's beautiful although a little busy in the summer months.

  2. Thank for your welcome Anonymous. I hope you enjoy your new travels, as we have. Have fun!

  3. We bought a fifth wheel toy hauler. My husband is going down to Florida to pick it up this weekend (with the twin 10 year old grandsons.) We'd love to be able to do what you do eventually, but we are both still working. You take nice pics. I'm enjoying seeing the places you've been. Safe travels. Margie