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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hope Cemetery Barre, VT.

Today Diane and I drove over to Barre, VT. to check out a cemetery I had read about it in a things to do advertisement. It is called Hope Cemetery and is said to have many interesting grave markers, all made at the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry which is a famous quarry that specializes in granite grave markers.

This is obviously a car that someone requested.

This gives you a view from a distance to show how many markers there are.

Some, like this one, have pictures etched into the stone.

There are many like this one that are really impressive. Real works of art. There were too many to show all of them so I tried to pick out the ones that caught my or Diane's eye.

Thinking or contemplation seems to be a popular theme.

Nothing like having your bedroom immortalized.

Diane really liked these two, one is the husband, the other the wife's. There are words of wisdom on all the sides of each pyramid. They all speck for themselves. I could not further add to their wisdom.

Diane really liked this one. It has neat etching on all of it's sides. See the following pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery of markers. We found them to be amazing and enlightening.

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