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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Town of Lake Placid, New York

While staying at Lewis NY, we took a drive to the town of Lake Placid. Beautiful views on the way, even thought it was a bit hazy.

Lake Placid, site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Winter Games.

We first drove through the small downtown of 2638 people.

Parking was hard to find, so we decided to go to the parking lot and take the free trolley to downtown. No other cars were in the parking lot, which was strange. Soon another couple about our age came also.We sat and talked for almost an hour, and no trolley. Joe wanted to go back up town and find a parking spot and pay for parking, because he did not want to have to wait this long to get back to our car. I think the other couple did the same. I wanted to take the trolley, because I didn't want to be rushed, because we had to get back to the meter. Joe promised, he'd put more in the meter than an hour, so we didn't have to rush. The cost for meters downtown was only 50 cents an hour. Lake George was a dollar an hour, so we thought Lake Placid would be worse. Joe put in a dollar for two hours.

We noticed a lake behind the downtown buildings. We thought it was Lake Placid, but later found out the lake was Mirror Lake.

We found a small cafe, in a alley like mall, that had these views off the back side of the cafe.

Mirror Lake sits between the town of Lake Placid and Lake Placid. Mirror Lake is a small lake and we didn't see any motor boats on it that day.

A church across the street from downtown.

The downtown had a lot of fun shops with gourmet dessert, chocolates, wines, cheeses and bread. It of course, also had all other kinds of shops.

In the middle of the town was a nice public park next to Mirror Lake.

Thank you Mildred, for thinking of us visitors.

The park had a nice platform above the grass with chairs to relax weary feet.

The lake had sail boats, kayaks, and canoes on it that day. We also saw someone swim across the width of the lake.

The lake had a few ducks waiting for food. The town's people of the lakes in the Adirondack ask guest not to feed them. We saw a sign in Lake George that said, " Don't feed the ducks, we drink this water." I think people are still feeding them the way this duck came up to me.

Before we left, we decided to take a cheap ride in the downtown bobsleds. The people at the table next to the bobsled offer to take a picture of both of us in the bobsled, but Joe declined.

Joe had all ready eyed the Budweiser bobsled and wanted to ride it. For a real bobsled ride, you can take one in town, at the bobsled complex for $70 a person for a 45 second ride. Joe said that is two dollars a second. Do you see how his mind works!

On the way here and back home we drove past the Olympic Jumping Complex.

The price to go to the top for the view that jumper get, cost eleven dollar a person.

Training and competition for Nordic ski jumping take place year round thanks to a 750,000 gallon pool at the base of the jumps.

Elevation of Lake Placid is 1,801 feet. It's a steep drive up, but a wild ride down, in a little Honda, and Joe behind the wheel.

A better view of Adirondack design in the town of Keene, NY, on the way down the mountain.

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