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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ames Brook Campground, Ashland, New Hampshire

It was time to leave the state of Vermont. I enjoyed Vermont, and will always remember the state as having the smallest state capitol, 2nd smallest population, best pure maple syrup makers, covered bridges, and covered mostly by  forest. But the thing I will remember most is how the state is very conscious of the quality of their products and sustainability. You could find a lot of organic farmers in the state. The last day in Vermont we got to see our Full- time RVer friends, Dawn and Jeff. We met them our first year out at Greyton Beach Sate Park in Florida. Last summer our paths crossed again at Quartzsite, Arizona. This summer, they were visiting their daughter at her boyfriend's home at Hanover, New Hampshire. We met at Lebanon, New Hampshire which was about 10 mile from our neighborhood in Vermont. and five miles from Hanover, New Hampshire for them. I should have gotten a picture of them but our visit was short and I forgot to get one. We really enjoyed our short visit with them!

Our drive into New Hampshire was fairly short.  Our route into New Hampshire was I- 89 to Hwy 4 , to Hwy 104, to I- 93 north to Ashland, New Hampshire.

We used our Passport America membership at Ames Brook Campground which was at $19 a day.

It was a very nice and well maintained park.

Even though we were given a site that was open without trees, Joe had a hard time getting a Direct TV signal.  He was just about ready to give up, but found a signal on top of the picnic table. 

The tripod barely fit on the table, so he had to figure out how to try it down to stay up. He has been talking about getting an automatic seeking system a lot lately. You can see why from these pictures.

Down from us was the Ames Brook.

The sites around the brook are very nice and maintained.

They have maintained enough brush between the sites.

We always walk around the park so Joe can get the" lay out", as he calls it.

We thought this motor home had a cool window cover.

This site was huge, or should I say very long.

We were given a site not down by the brook or in the wooded area. We had a close neighbor on one side at site # 15.

We probably were give this site because we were paying half price with Passport America. We were glad we had this sight, because we probably would not have got a satellite signal in the woods. 

On our other side we had lots of space between us and our neighbor.

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