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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day Drive Hwy 1 North of Ellsworth ME.

I wanted to get some more goats milk and I found a goat dairy producer just outside of Jonesboro, ME. We were wanting to take a day drive north a bit, since we were not going any further north in the big Nest.

These are Saanen goats. They produce the most milk per goat. Their milk fat is not as high, but they do produce more than other dairy goats. These are the kids born this spring.

These are the does. There are a few Alpine goats (brown) also in this  pen area.

After getting 2 quarts of milk we headed down Hwy. 187 toward Jonesport, ME.

This is Chandler Bay. We found a house in this area with a view like this, that we would like to buy, but we are not ready to settle down yet. It was tempting though!

This is Wild Blueberry Land off Hwy. 1 in Columbia Falls, ME. It sells everything blueberry as wells as gift ideas. We stopped here to eat our lunch in their parking lot, because we couldn't find any other spots. If you have to use a bathroom, they have an outhouse behind the shop. I'll hold it for somewhere else, (Joe said it was OK). Bathrooms are hard to find in this area. We stopped at a gas station, and it didn't have a restroom either. (This picture is out of order, and would come after Beals Island, but it is too hard to move further in the post).

We are still are on Hwy. 1 going toward Jonesport. We stopped for this picture of a lighthouse across the bay.

Here is a closeup of previous picture.

One of the boats must have someone with fish to attract all the birds in this picture.

We went through the town of Jonesport, a very quaint lobster village. Boats and lobster pots everywhere. A true picture of a lobster fisherman community. I didn't take a picture, because you can not capture a community. You just have to visit it yourself.

At the tip of Jonesport, you can take a bridge over to Beals Island.

The fog was really coming in for the day and as we got to lower elevations. We hoped the bridge went somewhere and we didn't drop off into the sea!

View off the bridge.

Beals was just a continuation of Jonesport, but an island - a lobster community. After Beals Island we finish the loop drive on Hwy. 187 and got back to Hwy. 1

Down the road on Hwy. 1 we took Hwy. 186 down another finger of the coastline. I would love to have a place with views like this.

If I remember correctly, this home sits on Gouldsboro bay area.

This lobster fisherman, we believe is around Jonesport, ME.

If this guy is not around Jonesport, ME., sorry!  Since I got my new smartphone, Joe has been taking pictures also.  Being  a couple of weeks behind in blogging, and two sets in pictures, sometimes I forget. But he represents this area well.

On the way home we had several views of bays and ocean.

Another stop on the way home from a higher elevation.

You can see Acadia mountains through the fog.

This is a pull off  just north of Ellsworth, ME on Hwy 1.

More views of Acadia, ME.

Looking west.

Close up of Acadia National Park in the distant fog.

We enjoyed our day drive, but  it was a 130 mile day. Didn't get home till 7:30pm. Home was Wal-Mart Super Center, Ellsworth, ME. for the night.

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