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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Maple Haven Campground, North Woodstock, New Hampshire

We head further north in New Hampshire on I- 93 to North Woodstock, NH.

It's another fairly short drive up the road. But the views along the way are outstanding.

We are headed for the White Mountains.

Joe loves interstate driving. He can take his time and cruise at 55 and not worry about traffic behind us.

I find it a bit boring,

but if I had to drive, I would like interstate over regular two lane hwy driving also. Here was our exist.

We drove through Lincoln, and crossed a river. Once you cross the river you are in North Woodstock. There sure are a lot of Woodstock towns, in the New England states!

Our new neighborhood for a few days at Maple Haven, in North Woodstock, NH..

This is the office/registration. The owner takes Joe to see a couple sites, so he can decide which site to choose. He comes back and said we had to wait until the present guy got back from a hike and left, before we could get our site. Joe said he picked out a site in an open field. I asked Joe to show me the other sites while we waited.

I decided I liked the wooded site better. It has been hot, and it would give Mallery a cooler spot, along with the air conditioner, while we are gone during the day. We have site: WE 4.

Across the road from our site, is a babbling brook.

Site WE 5 sits right next to the brook, so I had Joe ask if we could have it instead, before we got parked into our site.

This is WE 5 site. You could hear the water running through the creek at this site. This is the best site in the park for RV's.  Someone already had it booked for the next day, so we could not have it.

The owner told me that a bear had come through camp the other night and had ripped off the wood door to get to the dumpsters. I think Joe thought I would feel safer in an open field, than in  the woods.
Maple Haven doesn't have a pool or any amenities, but it has a great location, right outside of The Kancamagus Highway, into the national park. It was a bit pricey for being a nothing campground at $35 a night and no sewer hookup. But you know what they say about location! Location, location, location!

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  1. Yeah..we felt the same way about this campground. The location was worth it.