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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Mount Washington Hotel, New Hampshire

On our 2nd day, while staying at Bethlehem, we drove east again on Highway 302 to the Mount Washington Hotel.

Ground was broke in 1900 and the doors opened in 1902 to the most luxurious hotel of it's day!

After parking, we meet two lovely native, New Hampshire sisters, revisiting the hotel.

Joe captured this picture of the front entrance of the hotel.

In 1944 the hotel hosted the Bretton  Woods International Monetary Conference. Delegates from 44 nations convened and established the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, setting the gold standard at $35.00 an ounce, and designation the United States dollar as the backbone of international exchange. Things sure have change in the last decade!

Inside the front doors are a couple dozen umbrella's. (and me taking the picture)

The lobby is grand,

with a cozy seating area by a fireplace.

Then we walked through the sun porch to the back porches.

The backside of the hotel had beautiful views of the White Mountains from the porch.

We walked down the long  wide porch, with all the seating area's, onto a outdoor garden deck.

From there we got a great view of the back of the hotel.

This is a close up of the round porch area, which had some tables for dining on the lower deck.

From the garden deck, we also could see the pool below. The baby pool is off on the side of the building, and the Jacuzzi is at the end of the pool.

Off from the pool, you can see a bridge that crosses over a stream, and part of the golf course, behind the stream.

Joe got a close up of a lady walking among the rocks in the dry part of  the stream.

In this picture we captured the fire pit area for cool evenings.

Out toward the mountains, you can see the Crawford Notch where the highway goes between the mountains.

A cook is preparing something below for his guest by the pool.

This is the garden patio.

We walked from the garden deck back toward the upper back porches.

This is the pretties old hotel I have ever seen. Joe thinks Yellowstone Hotel is better.

It's time for lunch, but we brought ours in a sack.

We walked back through the sun room to the lobby and out to the front door.

View from outside the front entrance.

Beautiful detail on the hotel.

Looking out from the front entrance.

As we walked back toward our car, I noticed something on the front lawn.

Anyone for a game of chess?

This place has everything! It even has a stable with horses. The barn was being scraped in preparation to be painted. We are coming back someday, and staying at this hotel! 

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