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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Smuggler's Den Campground, Southwest Harbor, ME.

We were on the move again, and still heading east. We took Highway 1 from Bangor to Ellsworth.

From Ellsworth we took Highway 3, and headed SE onto Mount Desert Island, on the coast of Maine..

On Mount Desert Island we traveled Highway 102. This is Echo Lake to the right of our Nest in the picture. It is part of Acadia National Park.

Just before we arrive at our next address, we pass the parking area to a very busy trail head, for Acadia Mountain.

The roads were pretty bad on Hwy.102 for a big motor home with regular leave spring suspension. We had to be careful when opening cupboards, after this bumpy road. About a week ago, Joe opened a kitchen cupboard after a bumpy road and a pyrex bowl fell out, bounced off the counter and broke into a hundred pieces when it hit the floor. It was a headache to clean up as many pieces were just slivers and flew feet away in all directions.

Our drive to Smugglers Den was another short drive for the day.

We pulled up to the office.Their signage needs to be repainted and clearer , because Joe was unsure where to drive to when he first pulled in

Joe registered and Mallery and I do our usual, sniff around and take pictures! This is the front of the office. The office has a lot of brochures on things to do in the area, as well as maps. They also have live lobsters in a tank and pots you can use to cook your dinner.

It is a bit pricey at the Smugglers Den, at $50 a day. The park did not belong to any campground clubs, so we had to pay full price. But we have full hookups. The campground also has free wifi and cable, if you need it. My wireless card was very very very slow, so I used their wifi. It took Joe a while to hook up our Direct TV dish,  but he finally got it, so we didn't need the cable. I talked Joe into putting out the awning and large patio mat, since we were going to be here for a week. We only used it one night, because we were so busy and on the go all the time. I can see now, how Joe doesn't want to do the extra work for one evening of relaxing outside. When we book our reservation for here, we were given two sites to pick from. One across from the office with a wood deck or this one. We got site # 86, and made the best choice. It was more quiet, than by the office.

They have a nice pool if it gets hot, or you have kids. We have had really nice weather, while we have been here. The temperature have ranged from 68 to 79 during the day. We had one rainy day.

The pool has a nice deck for those who like to sun bath, and shade for those who don't.

There is also a baby pool and playground for the kids, though the playground is under construction at this time. We leave tomorrow, and are going to Ellsworth for 4 days. We finally are having perfect weather, and don't want to leave it quite yet. I will be writing about our week here in Acadia in the next few blogs.

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