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Monday, August 8, 2011

White Mountains / Sabbaday Falls Day 2 Part 1

Another try at stopping at the scenic stops on the Kancamagus Highway.

The views are much better, but not as clear as they can be.

Pemigewasset Overlook.

Close up of Pemigewasset Overlook.

The next scenic overlook.

We are at 2,855 ' of elevation.

A sign tells us that for every 1000 feet of elevation gain is like traveling north 290 miles.

The Kancamagus Pass is the highest point on this Scenic Byway, and the headwaters of two river systems start here.

Sugar Hill Scenic Vista.

The tallest mountain to the left in the picture is Green's cliff, which is at 2926 ' and 1.9 miles away.

We stopped to do a trail, and found that dogs are allowed on the trails. This is a first for us. In all our travels, we have never seen where dogs are allowed on the trails.

We did the Sabbaday Falls. We didn't bring Mallery this day, but she would have enjoyed it, because it is shaded and very short. 

It was a nice wide trail with a gradual incline.

We followed a pretty dry rocky stream to the Lower Pool.

A pretty green color.

But very clear also.

Here is the gorge or flume. There's always an adventuresome person standing or climbing on the edge where ever we go.

A few steps to the top of the falls.

A look down the flume from a bridge.

Another angle from the bridge.

I went back down half the stairs, to get another angle of the falls. Joe is standing beyond the bridge

A view of the bridge to the falls.

A view above the bridge. 

Above the falls, people were hanging out on the rocks, or climbing across the stream on the rocks.

Farther up beyond the falls.

We walked back down the trail, got our lunch, and came back to this shaded area by the stream to eat. To be continued.

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